Online Learning Is Going To Replace The Traditional Learning. How True?

Gone are the days when the customary instruction by attending in the classroom was an objective. The headway of science and innovation conveys you to the adjustments in each circle of life. Alongside alternate parts of life, a few advancements have surfaced in the scholarly circles as well. Education is all the more effortlessly and helpfully open today. Regardless of whether you are a learner getting instruction through the traditional framework or a working proficient; all can obtain the knowledge irrespective of the different restraints. One may not get a Visa to go the UK yet none can keep him from getting a degree from a reputed college of Great Britain. With the spread of e-learning, the inspired learners are ending up plainly free from the grasp of specific imperatives now.

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This is the era of advanced technology and to be honest online learning is making all the effort upgrade your career.

How is online education not quite the same as the customary framework?

All things considered, the online education does not mean adapting some extraordinary things. The subject, the syllabus, the parts, points and goals and everything continues as before. The distinction lies in the technique of learning. In the traditional arrangement of training, the participation in the scholarly foundations and classrooms is compulsory but in online education, you don’t have to sit in the classroom. From your home environment or from any part of this globe you can learn and get a degree in the particular domain.

Reasons for prevalence of online learning

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Why is the e-learning in this era is scaling the heights of prevalence? Is the customary instructive framework not able to perform the coveted part? The pervasiveness of online education lies in its benefits and not in the inadequacies or weaknesses of traditional framework. Regardless of whether you are keen on business and management course or an online computing diploma; your wishes can be accomplished in any case. A working individual does not have to give up the occupation. No compelling reason to rise at a dawn. No time and space restrain. Without accentuating your continuous undertakings, employments or assignments you can seek after any online courses. Because of the time, space, topographical points of confinement, and numerous more limitations the customary arrangement of training couldn’t give an equivalent learning chance to all. Online training framework has defeated every single such imperative and offered the helpful availability to a wide range of instruction.

What about the study material of e-learning courses?

You can get the books from the colleges or the scholastic foundations running the online courses. And if you hold on a technology enabled device, you have the entire world at your fingertips. You have a colossal online database from where you can acquire a wide range of information or assets for your learning. Regardless of whether you are occupied with part-time classes or e-learning training confirmation; you can get all that assets to learn and get a degree. The online degree courses will help you not just in landing a position of your decision yet in your advancement to higher posts too.

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The Reasons Learners Are Embracing Online mode Of Education

Learner request is among the many elements adding to the development of online learning. Understudies are additionally looking for the open doors for adaptability of booking and cost proficiency that online reviews can offer.

Accommodation And Adaptability

Online class schedule flexibility: Students can get to their course whenever, from anyplace they can sign on, by and large. This implies guardians, working understudies, and experts moving have the alternative of going to classes regardless of their work routine. Understudies just need a PC and Internet access to take online classes.

Online learnig

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The simplicity of availability: Courseware can be open for understudies when they require it. Understudies can survey addresses, dialogues, clarifications, and remarks. People can likewise impart notes to each other to help encourage group learning.

The scope of choices: Students might have the capacity to browse a more extensive expansiveness of degree projects. Some online universities create and offer degree programs that may not yet be accessible through adjacent open or private organisations.

Understudies control think about time: On-campus courses are commonly planned in a more inflexible arrangement, with shorter classes running 50 minutes, and others running longer. Night classes may keep going for about three hours. One of the advantages of online instruction is that understudies might not need to sit for drawn out stretches of time. Lessons can be stopped when required, and notes read voluntarily.

Understudy Enhancement

Chance for the association: Online courses might be less scary than the physical classroom setting, and could expand understudy cooperation. By permitting everybody to have a voice, shared thoughts become different also. Understudies can likewise contemplate what they need to state and include their remarks when prepared. In a customary classroom, the discussion could have moved past the point where the understudy might to remark.

online learning

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Online correspondences: Instructors can be more agreeable in the online setting. Understudies may feel more great talking straightforwardly with their instructors through online visits, messages, and newsgroup exchanges instead of vis-à-vis. Online correspondence additionally removes waiting for an available time that may not be helpful for either party.

Time to retain material: Positive outcomes are accounted for understudies enlisted in online classes, as indicated by a review by the U.S. Bureau of Education: “by and large, understudies in online learning conditions performed unassumingly superior to anything those accepting vis-à-vis guideline.” Using more than 1,000 observational reviews, the DOE found that time was the added substance that helped understudies perform better. The report noted advantages in studies in which online learners invested more energy in undertaking than understudies in the eye to eye condition.

Practical Decisions

Cash sparing alternative: Students might have the capacity to spare cash by not having to physically go to classes. Online courses may help people chop down or dispose of expenses of transportation, looking after children, different costs acquired by going to classes in a customary setting.

Not any more costly course readings: Some electronic classes may not require physical reading material, as perusing materials might be accessible either through the school’s own library or their organisations with e-libraries and other computerised distributers. E-course readings may offer significant funds for understudies, signifying several dollars a year.

online education

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Education Opportunities for accommodation, cost-adequacy, and understudy improvement are recently a portion of the factors that have added to online learning’s development. Remove instruction has picked up steam in these territories, and backers are consistently hoping to enhance these and in addition different aspects of the experience.

One concern is the absence of up close and personal cooperation with the educator and kindred classmates. Understudies may encounter a distinction with whatever is left of the classroom, yet schools are proactively investigating approaches to ease the issue. The selection of video conferencing advancements, and even allowed to utilise aggregate talks, for instance, can help understudies interface with instructors and different understudies.

Another stress is that online degree projects are seen as less ideal guideline for understudies, with no genuine principles to direct the educational programs. Be that as it may, an online guideline is liable to scholastic examination like on-campus tutoring. Authorising bodies to exist to audit and certify online establishments and customary schools and projects. It’s dependably a smart thought to watch that a school has been evaluated by an endorsed accreditation association.

Understudy literary theft and unscrupulousness are zones of worry too. A few faultfinders feel that it is simpler to counterfeit or share answers due to decreased observation and expanded availability. Establishments have started to discover approaches to battle against these worries with advancements to handle bamboozling, as Turnitin and iThenticate.

Remove training has made some amazing progress since its beginnings, and more headways are probably going to come. Backers are discovering approaches to take care of the apparent inadequacies of e-learning, and new mechanical improvements keep on adding to the favourable circumstances that online learning may offer for understudies.

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How Online Diploma In Computing Is Widening The Prospect Of Learning?

Whether you’re hoping to improve your processing capacities or progress to a more senior IT part, an online diploma in computing will fortify your capacities in overseeing data and interchanges innovation bolster.

You’ll be fit the bill to decide proper IT arrangements, demonstrate information forms, make propelled software development, and oversee general advancements.


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If you are keen enough to advance your career and to brighten up your future diploma in computing, to some extent, is the best choice an inspired learner has. Online certificate in registering and data innovation will set you up for parts, for example, IT office director, IT frameworks chairman, and frameworks supervisor.

Think about time permitting with this self-managed course, using on the web exercises and learning materials. Master instructor support is close by means of telephone and email to help you accomplish your objectives.

Data innovation has overwhelmed the instructive biological community, quickening the learning imminent of enrollee and approving instructor with interesting presentment devices and dynamic class-administration technique. From preschools to relationship of advanced education, a plenty of electronic gadgets – portable workstations, tablets, cell phones, and even brilliant sheets – has opened increase to immense size of data.

Openness and Wider Participation

The outgrowth of online classes opens ways to various student who couldn’t generally partake in instructive environment because of time and monetary confinement. Working grown-ups, guardians dealing with kids, and student being self-taught can pick up certificates and degrees while out and about or from their homes. Online courses render non-customary learners the chance to do a reversal to class and enhance their lives as per their own calendar and at a lower cost than physical foundations. Free showing administrations are supported by instructive powerhouses. With an end goal to impart its assets to the world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created OPEN COURSEWARE that gives the open permission to various of the school’s courses. Data innovation makes it assertable for anybody with an inclination to figure out how to seek after an instruction.

Classroom Management and Interaction

Processing and Information innovation benefits the foundation of classrooms by its discernment to delegate and oversee in a virtual space. Many schools have grasped Learning Management Systems (LMS) that bring together parts of courses in such a virtual space. Instructors can post papers, ebooks, presentations, online classes, addresses, media, and tests that are naturally positioned. Assignments can be positioned and submitted on the web and grades can be seen in a sole virtual region. Learners can get to the LMS at whatever time and never need to stress over losing a paper or conveying a course reading. LMS additionally encourages communication, and cooperation amongst learners and educators, rendering potential outcomes to send messages, visit, make wikis, form records, blog, and share data much like online networking locales.


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As instructive organizations move far from customary reviewing and towards the appraisal of hands-on involvement, data innovation decides how to assess whether learners have achieved their objectives. The appraisal of capacity as composing are expanded by the utilization of online IT programs (read diploma in computing) that looks at etymology among sizeable specimens of learner’s work and renders specific reaction on things, for example, substance, repetition, and immateriality. Online confirmation in data innovation offers more unmitigated appraisal of a learner’s scholastic competency and gives criticism concentrated on the person.

So the moot point is, online learning, undoubtedly, is fulfilling the need of advanced learners who are enthusiastic enough to learn just from anywhere. On top of that, the contemporary job placement sector is confronting a tremendous competitive era, and in this scenario this technologically advanced learning approach is building up a parallel educational environment.

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Can Educational System Be Upgraded By Introducing New Methodology?

Education, like everything else, has changed in a radical way ever since technology got the upper hand in our lives. It’s true that we are leveraging technology, in every way we can, to get things done ‘quickly’. But it’s the ‘efficiency’ that one needs to pay heed. Learning, from the time when it started to infuse with technology, has become more precise. It is literally filling the gaps between ‘what is taught’ and ‘what needs to be taught’.

Eduaction technology

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The truest form of learning should deliver a productive kind of education required for building up a career. In doing so traditional learning needed to undergo a series of changes. From traditional it transmutes to online learning.

Why Changing? Why Upgrading?

Well, change is always for the better!

Let’s get back to the time when traditional learning in brick-and-mortar classroom was the only option available. Teachers had to rely on the lectures to impart education. Students had to take notes all through the period. But this mode of learning lacks productivity. Traditional learning is teacher centered, students are forced to write what teacher want them to. On the other hand, modern students prefer to be occupied with his course and create content through research, communication, and teamwork rather than relying only on classroom notes. Hence, online learning is the best fit for them.

Students, Then And Now

Online learning is changing the mode of education in a more productive way. The polarity between these two modes of learning can be well understood if you give a closer look at today’s advanced learners, grew up in digital landscape, and those of twenty to thirty years ago. Today’s students like to explore, and their zeal for research is making them way ahead of learner who were taught in traditional schools. Most traditional students have witnessed the introduction of advanced computers, internet, social networking sites, but modern students live in it. Thus, to fulfill learners requirement, an upgraded education system is needed.

Upgraded education system

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Educational system can be upgraded by introducing new methodology and applying tech-tools to generate productivity and engagement of the students. Here are some of the techniques that present-day online institutes are relying on.

Real-Time Tracking Of Student’s Engagement

By using tracking tools, like pocket data analytics, an educator can easily keep an eye on students involvement in their studies. ‘Roll call’, in a traditional school, can only reveal the data of students participation in a particular class. But what if an information is needed that shows a learner engagement in a particular course? This is when students analytics can be used as a student engagement tracker.

Forget About Class Notes

Gone are the days when students had to keep on taking notes through out a lecture session. Now is the time when all the study materials can be accessed and downloaded from the cloud-based database system in a click. And it is worth mentioning that technology has transformed the form of study material as well. From written text and simple diagrams it evolves to audio-video format. And obviously video tutorials or webinars are better for understanding.

Customised Learning Experience


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Online learning courses are designed for the students who, due to their social and family responsibilities, are unable to take part in traditional schools. They can easily follow his courses through smart-phones and tabs as this mode of learning is delivered via the internet. So, as long as a student is connected with the internet he can continue his study irrespective of time and place.

A World Of Content

The Internet is the source of everything, whether you want to get access to the worlds biggest and richest libraries, or need to understand a complex diagram of human DNA through an audio-video tutorial, internet just can’t dissatisfy you.

Pop-Up Tests

Instead of relying on an annual test online learning introduces pop-up tests which monitor students progress every now and then.

Technology, without a doubt, has modified education in such a progressive way that it is increasing the involvement of students in their studies. No matter what profession they are in or what responsibilities they are fulfilling learners can always find time an courage to study.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us by commenting below.

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Does Online Learning Help Students To Apply Acquired Skills To Real Situations?

Students are after online university degree. But why? What has made millions of students to pursue online courses? Different courses delivered or offered through online education platform have suited to the life style of millions of learners across the globe. Besides, worldwide acceptance and recognition of the e-learning courses have also encouraged students engage to online distance learning courses.

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There are numerous examples where professionals and entrepreneurs have applied the skills while learning the course. The application of acquired knowledge have helped them to overcome the challenges related to their work or business. This shows that online mode of learning is just not a mean to get degree or diploma but meaningful and pertinent education.

Growth Of Online Learning

Several factors have contributed to the growth of online education. Today, e-learning has entered even in the classroom as blended learning. Here part of online learning is mixed with online learning. This shows acceptance of online learning has significantly grown.

Today online education is considered as industry growing with rapid pace. From year 2000 till 2016 the rate of growth is 900 percent. Tremendous growth of internet and devices (computer system, smartphones, tablets and others) have led demand for online education to grow further.

Working outdoors

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The online education market is one of the fastest-growing segments in the education Industry. The global market for online learning is apprehended to grow at Compound Annual Growth Rate of (CAGR) 23% to touch figure of $255 billion by 2017. This figure is sufficient to tell us that how students have responded to the new age learning system.

Preparing For Real World Scenario

The thought that degree from online university enables one to face the real world situations. This notion is not wrong. It’s true that online learning help learners to use the skill into the real life while they study online courses. That’s one crucial factor that has made students, specially professionals to enrol for online university degree courses.

At workplace we need robust writing skill. Because, at many organisations interaction and communication takes place via online chatting or emailing. Connecting effectively with heads and colleagues with appropriate words puts strong impression. So strong online writing skills are what one gain while engaging to e-learning courses and uses this into the real world to make his/her mark.


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There are another thing that online learning help students to develop is the self-motivation and discipline. This for sure is the effective element which will always help one in life. Besides, one develops the quality to set the goal and accomplish it within a certain period of time. And lastly, it makes students tech savy.

All this things contribute to the development of the skill of the learners which makes them apply their know-how in the real situations. This makes workplace a better place where one effectively deals with different job related challenges.


Millions have selected degree from online university for enhancement of knowledge and skill. On the other hand e-learning has become instrumental in reducing the skill gap which has helped organisations across the industries. It seems this is just the start, being the fit tool of learning, online education has the ability to become future of education.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us by commenting below.

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Reviving Education With Technology Is Growing Trend

Technology has revolutionised the education system. And this progress is so widespread that demand for education technology or edtech had have grown manifold. Experts and educationalists are in the opinion that learning techs will shape the course of learning further and will have the crucial role in delivering education to mankind.


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One thing that is unique about technology-enabled education is that it does not discriminate. Here, all the learners are mapped at the equal level- be it rich or poor. For example, the online course offers quality education to million of its students belonging from the different socio-economic background. Rich and poor, both access same learning content and instructing from online teachers. So no inequality or imbalance persists.

Though edutech has revived education in the modern times. But choosing pertinent learning techs is indispensable. Hence, selecting the impeccable tech is crucial.

Edutech And Investment

Enhancing the quality the whole system of education is what technology can offer. But selecting the most relevant one is important. Techs for children in school or college students can never be the same. Abreast, working professionals may require an advanced level of techs for training and e-learning. Therefore, relative tech tool should be added or adopted.


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There are some countries of the world where investment in education technology is sought. Leaders of the countries where edutechs has been deployed successfully should step in, to encourage investors to invest capital for digitisation of education. This will help educational institutions to get the much-needed tech support for enhancing of learning. Besides, all should collaborate for the financing of edutech.

There were some programmes which have helped to motivate people. Take example of
United States Agency for International Development (USAID), World Vision and the Australian government launched a $25 million programme called All Children Reading. In the year 2013, Child-Friendly Technology Framework was launched by UNICEF. The International Finance Corporation infused $5 million for free online learning provider for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in the same year. To build Mobiles for Education Alliance, United Nations Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF), Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), World Bank, USAID and other fifteen associates have collaborated. This shows that serious attempts were made by the international and national organisations to achieve the ultimate purpose.

Edutech: Demand And Confusion


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The importance of learning techs to enhance the standard of education is substantial to the present day. And thus demand for the dutch is on the rise and is growing further. And demand in the future will exist as techs will continue to upgrade. However, abreast growing demand, confusion related to edutech will exist. But with close observation and reality check uncertainty related to the use and concept of edutech could be met.

Edutech In Future.

Edutech will help educators and curriculum designers to cater meaningful education and formulate effective syllabus. The way effort is being made and initiative is being taken edutech will become an essential element in the future learning system. New technology will come to existence and the existing will upgrade. This way the importance of edutech will prevail in future.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us by commenting below.

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Online Diploma In Business Makes Research Relevant For Business

The business strategy of the companies hugely depends on the data collected from research. To survive and earn revenue amid intense market competition, business research is utmost essential. To meet the organisational challenges, professionals can pursue an online diploma in business and gain substantial skills. The knowledge possessed through the professional business course will not only help the employees but also the companies. Organisations, too, hire employees who can perform crucial activities including the business research. It could be market and industry assessment, classifying the group of customer and service and product analysis. In simple words, the outcome of the research affects the decision making of a company and also aids the managers. Read on


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Purpose Of Business


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Companies begin operation with real purpose. The enterprise can bring the motive of the service or product to the people, whom the company intend to attract. Once the objective is delivered to the mass, the organisation analyses the existing industry trend and the strife in the market. I’d essentially point out that both senior & medium level executives can take professional studies like online business management diploma to earn key commerce knowledge. The compact and comprehensive study of the core aspects of the business would help the professionals to develop critical thinking. Since, the business strategy is all about meeting the customer/client criteria, the knowledge gained via business learning would surely earn desirable result to the professionals and overall to the companies.

Collecting Data To Accelerate Business

Days have gone when companies referred to local directories, journals and library. Today, companies invest in buying data from the vendors. In the present market trend, without data, it’s extremely difficult for the companies to carry out business in any area. The data are crucial to understanding the level of delight amid the customer/client, service/product meeting the requisite of the people and their interest towards it.

Business Research For Evaluation

download (28)

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The data is assessed by the company professionals to know where does their position lies in the market, in comparison to their competitors. From the data, companies also understand about the flaws and competence of own and other enterprises. Professionals who take the online diploma in business learn similar skills from business experts during the learning period. Hence, professionals with likewise skill can effectively use data to improve the performance of the company.

Making Crucial Decisions


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Company decisions are largely influenced by the business researches. Organisations understands that the market and commerce probe would give direction to their business. But enterprises must pull off from overdoing. If you’re a businessperson and from the analysis you find customer/client is not pleased with your service/product, instead of making the alterations in the department, focus on making your necessary adjoins to your product/service to woo the mass.

It’s must

The business research is the current trend. With this, companies across the globe are trying to understand the current market status and mind of the customer/clients. Business research gives the idea about the movement within the market and the findings help companies to identify their place in the market. Besides, the business analysis gives the crucial information which allow organisations to take decisions favorable for business. If you are looking for the career in business or want to be an entrepreneur professional study i.e online business management diploma is for you.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us by commenting below.

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British Schools Offering UK Education To Students In Abu Dhabi

Today you can easily find numerous fresh looking young students wearing a UK school tie in Abu Dhabi and Beijing. The traditional education has become one of the primary exports for UK, as more international parents are sending their kids to the United Kingdom for schooling.

UK Schools Going International

International Education


Statistics from the Independent Schools Council reveal that during yearly this year, the council’s members were present in over 44 international campuses, mainly in the Middle and Far East. This number has risen from 20 campuses just 3 years earlier. Some of the leading schools that are spreading their wings internationally are Brighton College, Dulwich, Cranleigh, Haileybury, Repton, Harrow, Wellington and Sherborne.

Tony Puri, chief executive of Repton International Schools, said “A British education is seen as a gold standard by ambitious parents and students abroad, usually with the aim of entering a foreign university. A partner campus also makes sense for the parent school, as fee income is used to benefit bursary schemes at home and maintain tuition costs at acceptable levels.” The institute has campuses across Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Going Beyond Education



Apart from the academic standards of British public schools, their philanthropic tradition are also being adopted in campuses abroad. For example, Cranleigh, which has a prep school and a senior school in Abu Dhabi, is all set to provide a fraction of the the proceeds to sponsor a community school which operates in Zambia. Added to this is a goal to educate an emerging generation of global citizens. Michael Wilson, headmaster of Cranleigh Prep School, said “The Middle East is at the interface between different cultures. The best way to get people to understand each other is to start with children early, before they have time to develop prejudices.”

Developing a global network of contacts can prove to be highly beneficial for the students of the parent school as their global counterparts. Wilson added “Our old boy and old girl network is broadening and in future some very influential players on the world stage will be Old Cranleighans.

Joseph Spence, Master of Dulwich College, believes that all these ventures abroad help the independent institutes to build their own brands. Dulwich currently has 5 international schools across Singapore, South Korea and China. Spence said “They’re very good schools in themselves and their stature is ultimately complementary to that of the parent school.”

Spreading Education

Spreading Education


The fees in the overseas campuses are usually one third lower than what is charged in the UK. Moreover, the huge amount of savings on living costs, boarding and travel costs tend to make British schools abroad attractive for expats and locals. However, the international counterparts are not a clone of the original institutes. Most of these schools have much more students than the parent institute and adjust curriculum based on local culture, history and language.

Wilson added “We wanted Abu Dhabi to be a partner school, not a satellite. We’re interested in translating Cranleigh, not transplanting it. We had 30 applications for every post so the quality of the staff is unbelievable. We’ve effectively added 100 new members to our teaching staff and the exchange of ideas is equally valuable in both directions.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below.

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How Lack Of Qualified Teachers Will Create New Challenges For Education?

In the past few years, a lack of skilled and qualified teachers have been observed across the globe. Experts believe that this shortage of educators will result in fewer and less qualified teachers for students in larger classes. Recently, a government adviser has speculated the same after analysing new statistics which reveal that ministers are unable to meet recruitment targets for the new academic year.



Shortage of educators

In 2015, the volume of trainee educators recruited across an array of subjects is substantially below the target figures. Moreover, some subjects have achieved less than 50 per cent the numbers which were expected. The data reveals that a shortfall of 10 per cent in trainees is anticipated from next month. This will mark the third consecutive year that the government has proved to be incapable of achieving targets in the teacher supply model. According to the data, a 57 per cent shortfall in recruitment of trainee design and technology educators and a 37 per cent shortfall in religious education instructors were found.

Moreover, a shortfall of 25 per cent in music teachers and 25 per cent in geography educators were also observed, along with teachers in maths and English has a shortfall of 11 per cent and 12 per cent respectively.

Need for action

Professor John Howson advisor on the 2015 teacher supply model, said “Without drastic action, more headteachers will be forced to employ staff not qualified in their subjects or for the age group they are teaching, or simply remove subjects from the curriculum.”

Lack of Educators


He added “Parents may find they need to rely more on private tutors when schools cannot guarantee the grades that pupils will achieve. The government has acknowledged that it faces a challenge, but not a crisis. Unless it recognises the scale of the problem and acts soon, it will become the worst teacher-supply situation since the dark days of the early 2000s. That is no way to create a world-class education system.”

Influx of language educators

Although the number of overall recruited teachers who will become qualified for the 2016 academic year are comparatively higher than the previous year, it look like the numbers are escalated by a significant invasion of language teachers. In fact, in these disciplines the supply of teachers exceeds the target of the government.

Chris Waterman, chair of the supply and teacher training advisory group, said “The rise in pupil numbers, which is easy to predict from birthrates, is putting huge pressure on school places and an increasing demand on the shrinking pool of teachers. More and more teachers are moving abroad to teach, often with much lower income tax and much better benefits. Many headteachers are losing sleep or having nightmares about how to find appropriately qualified teachers to teach their students. ”



He added “Inevitably, it’s the schools in challenging circumstances that are at the end of the queue for teachers.”

What do you think? Will this shortage of teachers severely affects our children? Or are there any other way to provide better education to the students? Feel free to share your views and opinions with us by commenting below.

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Why You Need An IT Degree For Your Tech Start Up

Are you interested in a technology career? Do you want to start your own business in the IT industry? It is undoubtedly a great idea to build your career in this field as the technology sector is expanding rapidly with experts predicting further growth in future. But do you have the right skills and knowledge to get started and move forward in this intensely competitive market? If you wish to accomplish success and build a thriving start up, then you should start by earning an IT degree.

Why Study IT?

By pursuing a diploma in computing, you will be able to gain comprehensive knowledge about computer science and information technology and acquire the required skills. Moreover, you will also be able to learn about the global IT market and understand how technology helps in running an organisation. Whether you want to work in a leadership role in a leading IT firm or become a successful entrepreneur in IT, a degree in information technology will open up new avenues and bring excellent opportunities.

But with rising tuition fees of higher education, would it be a good idea for you to invest so much money and time to earn a degree? I agree that today earning a degree has becoming highly challenging for most students. You will not only take out a heavy student loan, but you will also end up spending most of your time inside a classroom. This is why most IT aspirants are now pursuing information technology courses online as these enable you to learn what you want in a flexible, affordable and effective manner.

Studying online is effective & affordable

By pursuing an accredited online IT course from a recognised university, you will be able to get quality computing and IT education and training that will help you become a skilled professional in this sector. You will gain a solid knowledge of the core concepts and theories related to the how and why of computers. However, the biggest advantage of studying IT online is that you will also be able to gain practical knowledge by doing a full time or part time job and gaining relevant work experience. As online IT courses do not adhere to any fixed schedules or sessions, you will be able to work and study simultaneously and hone your IT skills further.

But can you get lucrative career opportunities?

Today IT is one of the fastest growing sectors with a high demand for skilled and trained professionals. Recognised online courses in information technology will enable you to develop skills required to build your career in various IT disciplines or start & run your own IT firm successfully. You can work in a number of roles and careers depending on your interests, experience, skills and degree. Take a look….

Network Architect

As a network architect or network engineer, you will create and maintain communication networks. You can expect a median salary of around $97,000 per year (

Mobile/Web App Developer

There is a strong demand for app developers today. However, you need to have a good knowledge of multiple programming languages, like Objective-C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, CSS & HTML. Here you can get an average salary of nearly $92,000 per year (Indeed) .

System Administrator

In this role, you will be responsible for daily maintenance of technology assets in a business with an average income of $68,000 per year (Indeed) .

Information Security Analyst

Being an IT security analyst, you will have to maintain a secure network for you business against various threats like hacks, malware, viruses etc. Professionals in this role earn a median salary of around $92,210 yearly ( .

Database Administrator

In this position, you will be responsible for storing and organising data effectively in databases. You can expect an average salary of about $77,080 per year (USNews).

The bottom line

Apart from these, you can also start your career in various other IT and computing fields. Irrespective of which job role you choose, your work experience will help you gain hands-on experience that will equip you to start your own business. Currently, the tech start up scenario is booming globally. Your online IT education and work experience will better prepare you to make the most of the existing opportunities and achieve your career goals.

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