Why You Need An IT Degree For Your Tech Start Up

Are you interested in a technology career? Do you want to start your own business in the IT industry? It is undoubtedly a great idea to build your career in this field as the technology sector is expanding rapidly with experts predicting further growth in future. But do you have the right skills and knowledge to get started and move forward in this intensely competitive market? If you wish to accomplish success and build a thriving start up, then you should start by earning an IT degree.

Why Study IT?

By pursuing a diploma in computing, you will be able to gain comprehensive knowledge about computer science and information technology and acquire the required skills. Moreover, you will also be able to learn about the global IT market and understand how technology helps in running an organisation. Whether you want to work in a leadership role in a leading IT firm or become a successful entrepreneur in IT, a degree in information technology will open up new avenues and bring excellent opportunities.



But with rising tuition fees of higher education, would it be a good idea for you to invest so much money and time to earn a degree? I agree that today earning a degree has becoming highly challenging for most students. You will not only take out a heavy student loan, but you will also end up spending most of your time inside a classroom. This is why most IT aspirants are now pursuing information technology courses online as these enable you to learn what you want in a flexible, affordable and effective manner.

Studying online is effective & affordable

By pursuing an accredited online IT course from a recognised university, you will be able to get quality computing and IT education and training that will help you become a skilled professional in this sector. You will gain a solid knowledge of the core concepts and theories related to the how and why of computers. However, the biggest advantage of studying IT online is that you will also be able to gain practical knowledge by doing a full time or part time job and gaining relevant work experience. As online IT courses do not adhere to any fixed schedules or sessions, you will be able to work and study simultaneously and hone your IT skills further.

But can you get lucrative career opportunities?



Today IT is one of the fastest growing sectors with a high demand for skilled and trained professionals. Recognised online courses in information technology will enable you to develop skills required to build your career in various IT disciplines or start & run your own IT firm successfully. You can work in a number of roles and careers depending on your interests, experience, skills and degree. Take a look….

Network Architect

As a network architect or network engineer, you will create and maintain communication networks. You can expect a median salary of around $97,000 per year (BLS.gov).

Mobile/Web App Developer

There is a strong demand for app developers today. However, you need to have a good knowledge of multiple programming languages, like Objective-C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, CSS & HTML. Here you can get an average salary of nearly $92,000 per year (Indeed) .

System Administrator

In this role, you will be responsible for daily maintenance of technology assets in a business with an average income of $68,000 per year (Indeed) .

Information Security Analyst

Being an IT security analyst, you will have to maintain a secure network for you business against various threats like hacks, malware, viruses etc. Professionals in this role earn a median salary of around $92,210 yearly (BLS.gov) .

Database Administrator

In this position, you will be responsible for storing and organising data effectively in databases. You can expect an average salary of about $77,080 per year (USNews).

The bottom line

Apart from these, you can also start your career in various other IT and computing fields. Irrespective of which job role you choose, your work experience will help you gain hands-on experience that will equip you to start your own business. Currently, the tech start up scenario is booming globally. Your online IT education and work experience will better prepare you to make the most of the existing opportunities and achieve your career goals.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below.

Article source – bit.ly/1MNmv4i

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