How Lack Of Qualified Teachers Will Create New Challenges For Education?

In the past few years, a lack of skilled and qualified teachers have been observed across the globe. Experts believe that this shortage of educators will result in fewer and less qualified teachers for students in larger classes. Recently, a government adviser has speculated the same after analysing new statistics which reveal that ministers are unable to meet recruitment targets for the new academic year.



Shortage of educators

In 2015, the volume of trainee educators recruited across an array of subjects is substantially below the target figures. Moreover, some subjects have achieved less than 50 per cent the numbers which were expected. The data reveals that a shortfall of 10 per cent in trainees is anticipated from next month. This will mark the third consecutive year that the government has proved to be incapable of achieving targets in the teacher supply model. According to the data, a 57 per cent shortfall in recruitment of trainee design and technology educators and a 37 per cent shortfall in religious education instructors were found.

Moreover, a shortfall of 25 per cent in music teachers and 25 per cent in geography educators were also observed, along with teachers in maths and English has a shortfall of 11 per cent and 12 per cent respectively.

Need for action

Professor John Howson advisor on the 2015 teacher supply model, said “Without drastic action, more headteachers will be forced to employ staff not qualified in their subjects or for the age group they are teaching, or simply remove subjects from the curriculum.”

Lack of Educators


He added “Parents may find they need to rely more on private tutors when schools cannot guarantee the grades that pupils will achieve. The government has acknowledged that it faces a challenge, but not a crisis. Unless it recognises the scale of the problem and acts soon, it will become the worst teacher-supply situation since the dark days of the early 2000s. That is no way to create a world-class education system.”

Influx of language educators

Although the number of overall recruited teachers who will become qualified for the 2016 academic year are comparatively higher than the previous year, it look like the numbers are escalated by a significant invasion of language teachers. In fact, in these disciplines the supply of teachers exceeds the target of the government.

Chris Waterman, chair of the supply and teacher training advisory group, said “The rise in pupil numbers, which is easy to predict from birthrates, is putting huge pressure on school places and an increasing demand on the shrinking pool of teachers. More and more teachers are moving abroad to teach, often with much lower income tax and much better benefits. Many headteachers are losing sleep or having nightmares about how to find appropriately qualified teachers to teach their students. ”



He added “Inevitably, it’s the schools in challenging circumstances that are at the end of the queue for teachers.”

What do you think? Will this shortage of teachers severely affects our children? Or are there any other way to provide better education to the students? Feel free to share your views and opinions with us by commenting below.

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