Reviving Education With Technology Is Growing Trend

Technology has revolutionised the education system. And this progress is so widespread that demand for education technology or edtech had have grown manifold. Experts and educationalists are in the opinion that learning techs will shape the course of learning further and will have the crucial role in delivering education to mankind.


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One thing that is unique about technology-enabled education is that it does not discriminate. Here, all the learners are mapped at the equal level- be it rich or poor. For example, the online course offers quality education to million of its students belonging from the different socio-economic background. Rich and poor, both access same learning content and instructing from online teachers. So no inequality or imbalance persists.

Though edutech has revived education in the modern times. But choosing pertinent learning techs is indispensable. Hence, selecting the impeccable tech is crucial.

Edutech And Investment

Enhancing the quality the whole system of education is what technology can offer. But selecting the most relevant one is important. Techs for children in school or college students can never be the same. Abreast, working professionals may require an advanced level of techs for training and e-learning. Therefore, relative tech tool should be added or adopted.


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There are some countries of the world where investment in education technology is sought. Leaders of the countries where edutechs has been deployed successfully should step in, to encourage investors to invest capital for digitisation of education. This will help educational institutions to get the much-needed tech support for enhancing of learning. Besides, all should collaborate for the financing of edutech.

There were some programmes which have helped to motivate people. Take example of
United States Agency for International Development (USAID), World Vision and the Australian government launched a $25 million programme called All Children Reading. In the year 2013, Child-Friendly Technology Framework was launched by UNICEF. The International Finance Corporation infused $5 million for free online learning provider for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in the same year. To build Mobiles for Education Alliance, United Nations Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF), Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), World Bank, USAID and other fifteen associates have collaborated. This shows that serious attempts were made by the international and national organisations to achieve the ultimate purpose.

Edutech: Demand And Confusion


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The importance of learning techs to enhance the standard of education is substantial to the present day. And thus demand for the dutch is on the rise and is growing further. And demand in the future will exist as techs will continue to upgrade. However, abreast growing demand, confusion related to edutech will exist. But with close observation and reality check uncertainty related to the use and concept of edutech could be met.

Edutech In Future.

Edutech will help educators and curriculum designers to cater meaningful education and formulate effective syllabus. The way effort is being made and initiative is being taken edutech will become an essential element in the future learning system. New technology will come to existence and the existing will upgrade. This way the importance of edutech will prevail in future.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us by commenting below.

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