Why We Should Allow College Students Accomplish Their Intellectual Ambitions

College education


College education has become highly important today due to an unstable economy and growing demands from employers. However, the fact is, it seems that we are intimidating and frightening most college students, particularly the ones who are the most talented and ambitious.

Terrorising college students

This assault is formulated and presented through the rights of the learners to profitable results of their higher education, immediately after completing their graduation. This is achieved partly by the fashioning the higher education curriculum to the present vocational demands. Although it is offered in the best interest of college students, this actually ends up terrorising the very establishment of education, specifically in the sphere of arts and sciences.

Terrorize student


Vocational training meets the needs of established power and it also helps the trainees to prepare, serve and to imitate the established status. Although there isn’t anything justly damaging about the enterprise, excepting that when it is offered as an equal substitute for an unrestricted liberal arts education. When education gets more and more restricted to training, it significantly reduces the probabilities that our young learners will end up challenging the existing status quo in different fields of human endeavor.

Limiting learning opportunities

Higher education


If we limit the scope of higher education, then it will merely serve the short term objectives and interests of employers and organisations. Moreover, it will also cripple the longer term requirements of our civilization and prevent it from getting infused with the ideas and passion of the youth. There is no doubt that it is simply a formula for stagnation. For instance, governing legislatures, boards as well as accrediting agencies which allege workforce needs as the review on inappropriate study in creative arts or humanities, act as frightening checks on learners who wish to study humanistic inquiry into aesthetic forces and movements, or those want to utilize their skills and knowledge for bettering forms of social justice.

When we terrorise a 20 year old talented and promising college student with joblessness, burden of debt along with a damaged record, then it obviously creates an adverse effect on the learner and acts as a strong deterrent to creative expressions and academic achievements which inspired the students to pursue higher education in the field of science and liberal arts in the first place. If that particular students opts for entering the workforce and serve it’s immediate needs beyond open and free inquiry in the wider convention of liberal learning, the learner will contribute to the restricting of ethical as well as spiritual development which will lead to the impersonation of current social forces and structures. It will also go against the potential of higher education as a means of social & communal development and cultural strength.

The bottom line

In the history of human civilization, we have never achieved any great leaps by focusing on meeting our existing needs or catering to the current establishments of influence and power. If we discourage young learners from studying creative and research based fields, then we will force the future generation to compromise on their intellectual ambitions.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below.

Article source – huff.to/1CXK7LF

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