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Gamification: To make the Curriculum more Engaging

I was sitting in a cafe the other day, sipping my coffee and reading a book when I saw a group of students, from the college nearby, toying with their smartphones. I thought they were simply chatting or messaging their … Continue reading

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Online MBA Degree Holders to Witness a Steady Rise in their Pay Packages

Gone are those days when the concept of studying online for higher studies was considered to be inferior in comparison to that done at campuses. Now, the story is altogether different because the Financial Times while ranking online MBAs have … Continue reading

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Technology Reshapes Education as per the Need of the Hour

Within the last few years, education has witnessed a thorough change in respect of its standard, assessment process and career-orientation. Colleges are now very eager to find better ways to meet the need of and encourage all students towards their … Continue reading

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Stupendous Upturn in Education Leads it to the Future Definition

Education, today, is totally a different thing compared to what it once used to be. For a long period of time education has not seen very sharp change in its methods. But in recent years, a great upturn has been … Continue reading

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Learning is Fun with the Marvels of Technology

Modern education can be better described by its vast technological employment both in teaching and learning. The traditional setting of classrooms where blackboard and chalk played as the chief instruments for communicating learning content from teachers to students, is the … Continue reading

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How Mobile Devices are Shaping the Education for New Generation Learners

Education is totally a different affair for the new generation students, the young ones. They are the inhabitants of a learning environment that is ruled by the information superhighway. From the very beginning of their learning process they get the … Continue reading

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