What are the key aspects for the betterment of your future career?

Listening and learning are the key aspects for the betterment of your future career. The key elements for a successful education are- the involvement of parents, technology integration, emotional and intellectual intelligence, community partners, connecting integrated studies, engaging in project-based learning, teacher preparation, re-organizing technology resources, expanding comprehensive assessment and sharing co-operative learning. When it comes to the improvement in the public education system, nothing is simple while strengthening such a vast and complex institution as our educational system.

11 common ways in which we can improve our public education system –

Being open to innovation- With the invention of the internet, project-based class task has become much more demanding than the traditional book-based works, where students may only memorize facts from one source. So, the student must go beyond the textbook to study the complex topics based on real-world matters.

A good bureaucracy system- The nasty bureaucracy of education slows it down, leading to a lot of obstacles to people who want to innovate inside and outside the schools.

Integrated Studies– Integrated studies should be able to provide all students to reach across traditional disciplines and explore their relationships. Art, english literature and also ancient history can be interwoven and studied together.

Proper coaching of the students through the learning process- The way the students learn at school is dull and static. Learning should be fun, social and also interactive.

Regular class tests- It is only through regular class assessments that can provide a detailed, continuous profile of student strengths and weaknesses. Also that, class tests is an opportunity to re-assess oneself how well he or she is doing than before by learning from their mistakes, re-taking the test and improving their grades.

Working together on project teams and guided by trained teachersThe most vital role played by teachers is training and also guiding the students through the learning process, giving a special attention to nurturing a student’s interests as well as self-confidence.

Restruction of resources money, time and other facilities- A new school’s construction and renovation must stress on the school’s layout that supports students and teachers collaborating in teams, with access to technology. Schools can be re-designed to also serve as community centers that provide health and social services for families, as well as counseling and parenting classes for school-going kids and their parents.

Should be more focused on the school kids than on the teachers- Most of the discourses on school reform focuses on teachers and this doesnot provides the best results for the school kids.

Community Partners– All schools should enlist professionals to act as instructors as well as mentors for students. Community partners should expose both students as well as teachers to the world of work through school-to-career programs and internships.

Share co-operative learning- Co-operative learning helps in developing a student’s emotional and social skills, thus providing a valuable foundation for their lives as family members, workers and also citizens.

Involvement of parents- To a child, their parents are the first teachers who can instill values that encourages school education. A parent should a child’s mentor, guide and instructor as well. When schoolwork involves parents, students can actually learn more.

Do you want to add to the discussion? Then feel free to share your ideas and thoughts             below.

Article source – bit.ly/1IhqtQb , bit.ly/1GrnsMO

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