Does Online Learning Help Students To Apply Acquired Skills To Real Situations?

Students are after online university degree. But why? What has made millions of students to pursue online courses? Different courses delivered or offered through online education platform have suited to the life style of millions of learners across the globe. Besides, worldwide acceptance and recognition of the e-learning courses have also encouraged students engage to online distance learning courses.

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There are numerous examples where professionals and entrepreneurs have applied the skills while learning the course. The application of acquired knowledge have helped them to overcome the challenges related to their work or business. This shows that online mode of learning is just not a mean to get degree or diploma but meaningful and pertinent education.

Growth Of Online Learning

Several factors have contributed to the growth of online education. Today, e-learning has entered even in the classroom as blended learning. Here part of online learning is mixed with online learning. This shows acceptance of online learning has significantly grown.

Today online education is considered as industry growing with rapid pace. From year 2000 till 2016 the rate of growth is 900 percent. Tremendous growth of internet and devices (computer system, smartphones, tablets and others) have led demand for online education to grow further.

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The online education market is one of the fastest-growing segments in the education Industry. The global market for online learning is apprehended to grow at Compound Annual Growth Rate of (CAGR) 23% to touch figure of $255 billion by 2017. This figure is sufficient to tell us that how students have responded to the new age learning system.

Preparing For Real World Scenario

The thought that degree from online university enables one to face the real world situations. This notion is not wrong. It’s true that online learning help learners to use the skill into the real life while they study online courses. That’s one crucial factor that has made students, specially professionals to enrol for online university degree courses.

At workplace we need robust writing skill. Because, at many organisations interaction and communication takes place via online chatting or emailing. Connecting effectively with heads and colleagues with appropriate words puts strong impression. So strong online writing skills are what one gain while engaging to e-learning courses and uses this into the real world to make his/her mark.


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There are another thing that online learning help students to develop is the self-motivation and discipline. This for sure is the effective element which will always help one in life. Besides, one develops the quality to set the goal and accomplish it within a certain period of time. And lastly, it makes students tech savy.

All this things contribute to the development of the skill of the learners which makes them apply their know-how in the real situations. This makes workplace a better place where one effectively deals with different job related challenges.


Millions have selected degree from online university for enhancement of knowledge and skill. On the other hand e-learning has become instrumental in reducing the skill gap which has helped organisations across the industries. It seems this is just the start, being the fit tool of learning, online education has the ability to become future of education.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us by commenting below.

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