Can Educational System Be Upgraded By Introducing New Methodology?

Education, like everything else, has changed in a radical way ever since technology got the upper hand in our lives. It’s true that we are leveraging technology, in every way we can, to get things done ‘quickly’. But it’s the ‘efficiency’ that one needs to pay heed. Learning, from the time when it started to infuse with technology, has become more precise. It is literally filling the gaps between ‘what is taught’ and ‘what needs to be taught’.

Eduaction technology

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The truest form of learning should deliver a productive kind of education required for building up a career. In doing so traditional learning needed to undergo a series of changes. From traditional it transmutes to online learning.

Why Changing? Why Upgrading?

Well, change is always for the better!

Let’s get back to the time when traditional learning in brick-and-mortar classroom was the only option available. Teachers had to rely on the lectures to impart education. Students had to take notes all through the period. But this mode of learning lacks productivity. Traditional learning is teacher centered, students are forced to write what teacher want them to. On the other hand, modern students prefer to be occupied with his course and create content through research, communication, and teamwork rather than relying only on classroom notes. Hence, online learning is the best fit for them.

Students, Then And Now

Online learning is changing the mode of education in a more productive way. The polarity between these two modes of learning can be well understood if you give a closer look at today’s advanced learners, grew up in digital landscape, and those of twenty to thirty years ago. Today’s students like to explore, and their zeal for research is making them way ahead of learner who were taught in traditional schools. Most traditional students have witnessed the introduction of advanced computers, internet, social networking sites, but modern students live in it. Thus, to fulfill learners requirement, an upgraded education system is needed.

Upgraded education system

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Educational system can be upgraded by introducing new methodology and applying tech-tools to generate productivity and engagement of the students. Here are some of the techniques that present-day online institutes are relying on.

Real-Time Tracking Of Student’s Engagement

By using tracking tools, like pocket data analytics, an educator can easily keep an eye on students involvement in their studies. ‘Roll call’, in a traditional school, can only reveal the data of students participation in a particular class. But what if an information is needed that shows a learner engagement in a particular course? This is when students analytics can be used as a student engagement tracker.

Forget About Class Notes

Gone are the days when students had to keep on taking notes through out a lecture session. Now is the time when all the study materials can be accessed and downloaded from the cloud-based database system in a click. And it is worth mentioning that technology has transformed the form of study material as well. From written text and simple diagrams it evolves to audio-video format. And obviously video tutorials or webinars are better for understanding.

Customised Learning Experience


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Online learning courses are designed for the students who, due to their social and family responsibilities, are unable to take part in traditional schools. They can easily follow his courses through smart-phones and tabs as this mode of learning is delivered via the internet. So, as long as a student is connected with the internet he can continue his study irrespective of time and place.

A World Of Content

The Internet is the source of everything, whether you want to get access to the worlds biggest and richest libraries, or need to understand a complex diagram of human DNA through an audio-video tutorial, internet just can’t dissatisfy you.

Pop-Up Tests

Instead of relying on an annual test online learning introduces pop-up tests which monitor students progress every now and then.

Technology, without a doubt, has modified education in such a progressive way that it is increasing the involvement of students in their studies. No matter what profession they are in or what responsibilities they are fulfilling learners can always find time an courage to study.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us by commenting below.

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