How Future Generations Are Getting Affected By Handheld Devices



Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops have become highly essential in our daily lives nowadays. Can you imagine a single day without your smartphone or tab? The fact is mobile devices have greatly made our lives easy with the use of latest digital technologies. However, all the overwhelming use of digital devices has resulted in a serious concern as most kids are now getting somewhat addicted to mobile devices. Although it can be beneficial for them to some extent as mobile learning is become widespread now, there are several other issues which we need to focus on as well. Let’s take a look….

 Mobile devices making kids hostage

According to a sports charity report, it is believed that future generations of kids are in risk of getting unengaged in physical activity and being “hostages to handheld devices.” The study from the Youth Sports Trust claims that almost 25 per cent of kids consider playing computer games as a type of physical activity. The trust asked for integrating technology with Physical Education in schools.

The government claimed that it has already awarded £300 million to schools for improving sports in the institutions. Moreover, Physical Education (PE) was a top priority. The trust, based in Leicestershire, explained the establishment as an autonomous charity dedicated to improving the lives of young learners through sport. It conducted a survey on the attitudes of children towards sport. This was a part of their report regarding the future of PE & sports in schools.

March of digital technology

The survey, conducted on more than 1,000 students between the age of 5 to 16, revealed that 75 per cent of children enjoy Physical Education at school, while over 66 per cent experience a feeling of well-being after participating in sports activities. However, the survey showed the level of the challenge created by digital technology. Around 23 per cent of students reported that they felt playing computer games with friends was a type of exercise. nearly 33 per cent students claimed that they interacted with their friends more over social media than in person.

The report, titled ‘The Class of 2035: Promoting a Brighter and More Active Future for the Youth of Tomorrow‘ stated “there is no resisting” when it comes to the march of technology. It said “Policymakers can feel nostalgic for a time before the challenges new connected technologies have brought in engaging young people, or they can harness these technologies to their advantage. It will also become increasingly imperative for every child to have access to new technology in school and greater efforts made to ensure that there is little division among the tech capabilities of young people.”

The report added “Furthermore, in order to get children active from a young age, a more holistic approach to PE is needed, one which integrates technology and the delivery of a seamless, intuitive and digitally enhanced form of physical activity.”

 The digital revolution

The chief executive of the Youth Sports Trust, Ali Oliver, said “The digital revolution presents opportunities and challenges with young people potential hostages to their handheld devices. This report clearly signals that action is needed now to modernise the approach to PE and school sport and in doing so, guarantee the best possible future for generations to come.”

Edward Timpson, children’s minister, said “It is pleasing that the Youth Sport Trust’s research shows that millions of young people are enjoying PE lessons. We want to encourage all young people to get into the healthy habit of playing and enjoying sport – both inside and outside school – which is why PE remains a government priority.”

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Effective Tips To Help You Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Today more and more youths are opting to launch their own start-ups and become successful entrepreneurs. However, the fact is not every one of them succeed in the intensely competitive global business world. If you are planning to become one, then you need possess some crucial skills to become an effective entrepreneur today. Let’s take a look at how you can succeed as an entrepreneur…

How to be an entrepreneur

Most successful entrepreneurs have faced a number of failures during their journey before they achieved success in their business. You need to think of yourself as an employees, lead your team, take informed risks, assume all responsibilities and efficiently use the rewards for further growth. As an entrepreneur, you need to have the ability to build, organise and manage a business and guide it through all the challenges and risk to eventually see profit.

The first thing you need to do is have enough courage to take calculated risk and not worry too much about failing. However, if you play by the rules, then success will be your only option. Here are some tips that will help you to become a successful entrepreneur-

Have strong will power

If you are afraid that you might fail as an entrepreneur, then I think you should give up your dream of becoming one. Unless you have the will to succeed even after facing obstacles and challenges, you will not experience success as an entrepreneur. You should not be worried about failing or facing challenges, instead you need to think of them as opportunities to learn and grow.

Have an effective idea

Having a excellent and unique idea is crucial in surviving and succeeding as an entrepreneur. Even if your idea for a service or product is not new, you may still make it appear unique by adding your own vision to it. If your target market is adequately big in size, you will be able to beat your competitors and capture a prominent share of the market.

Create a business plan

Developing a business plan before launching your business is highly essential. Make sure you draft a clear and effective business plan that will show the value of your unique business idea. Although there is no fixed format, you should focus on various factors like your target market, cost of production or offering service, ways to arrange funding for your venture, and your expected growth.

Follow the plan

You absolutely cannot afford to lose focus unless you reach your business goals. You need to be determined and passionate about your business to ensure that you follow the business plan properly. Moreover, you must also make sure that you stick to the decided budget and do not become indulgent later on.

Acquire business skills

If you wish to become a successful business leader, then you must start by acquiring the necessary business skills and knowledge. An effective entrepreneur not only drives his business forward, but also leads and encourages his team to perform their best. Hence, you must posses several skills, abilities and characteristic to become a good leader. One of the best ways to learn the required skills is to pursue a business degree.

undergraduate diploma in business

However, as an entrepreneur you will not be able to invest too much time or money for pursuing a full time business management programme. I believe one of the most ideal solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs is to study an online undergraduate diploma in business. Why? These online courses have been specifically designed to help you learn management skills while you work. Moreover, as online business diplomas help you to develop a deep understanding about the core business concepts and implement your knowledge at work immediately. These courses offer high levels of flexibility, accessibility, convenience and affordability to all students.

Market your business

You must know how to market and sell your products and services in order to expand your business. Unless your target audience is aware about your brand, it will be really hard to capture a share of the market. Marketing is key for achieving business success. You need to focus on the marketing strategy, packaging, promotion, price and many more aspects. This is where your knowledge from your online undergraduate diploma in business administration will come in handy. Your business diploma course will help you gain a comprehensive knowledge about marketing and selling so that you can implement the most suitable strategy for your business.

Achieve your business dreams

Let’s face it, the journey towards success is a long and hard one. Hence, you must be prepared to face the odds and learn from your mistakes as well as failures to build your business and make it sustainable in the long term. Once you acquire the right skills and knowledge, it will give you the confidence and ability to drive your business forwards and become the successful entrepreneur you dream to be.

How are you planning to become an entrepreneur? Share your ideas and thoughts with me by commenting below. I’d love to hear from you.

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4 Great Ways Education Technology Is Boosting Education

Online learning and educational tools have made education widely available, easily accessible and more affordable for all aspiring learners across the world. Numerous colleges and online institutes now offer a wide range of courses on various subjects to help spread the reach of education. We are now using EdTech to offer advanced learning opportunities to students located even in remote parts of the world.

Online learning

According to a report published by Ambient Insight, it was found that global EdTech firms have accumulated around $2.34 billion last year in funding. This figure has increased significantly from $1.64 billion back in 2013. Here we are going to talk about how such investments are improving education worldwide-

Enhancing access

Today providing access to basic educational opportunities on a global scale have become a serious problem. Approximately 58 million elementary school-aged kids and around 63 million preteens who are of middle school age globally, did not get admitted to school in 2012, as per a report released by UNICEF in January 2015.

Jeremy Johnson, founder and CEO of global talent accelerator Andela and co-founder of 2U, recently wrote in an article, “Educators around the world are using technology to increase access to education. Pencil, a nonprofit organization in New York City, is leveraging technology and community involvement to impact urban schools, paving the way for struggling school systems in cities worldwide.”

Winning over cost

Cost is still one of the biggest obstacles for education. In the US, the total outstanding debt for public school systems in 2012 was over $406 million, claims a report released by the United States Census Bureau in 2014.

Johnson added “As the cost of education rises, many public school teachers are left to pick up the tab. A survey of 946 U.S. teachers conducted in June 2014 by Sheer ID and Agile Education Marketing found that respondents spent an average of $513 of their own money on classroom supplies, resources, classroom books, and professional development during the 2013-14 school year… Ed-tech is helping to relieve some of the financial burden.”

Reorganizing the classroom

Johnson believes that education technology is modifying the way our teachers teach and our students learn. He believes, “In place of the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom, we have witnessed the rise of ‘flipped classrooms’ leveraging blended online and offline instruction, where students watch video lectures at home and do their ‘homework’ in class.”

According to a 2014 survey by Kaltura conducted on 500 educational professionals, it was observed that almost 48 per cent of the instructors utilise videos and implement flipped classroom strategies; while 57 per cent respondents claimed that flipped classrooms will soon be considered as the standard in higher education. Eventually blended online learning will become the benchmark.

Acquiring skills

EdTech offers academic opportunities and solutions to children as well as adults who are focused on pursuing higher education, learning new skills and boosting their employability in an affordable way. Johnson wrote “For instance, Udacity offers affordable higher education options. The company provides massive open online courses that focus on teaching tech skills needed by the top employers in the Silicon Valley. A range of technology skills are in short supply today, and Udacity is working to bridge the skills gap.”

“By developing education alternatives, these companies are ensuring that every student, regardless of age or location, can compete in a 21st century economy.” he added.

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Why We Should Allow College Students Accomplish Their Intellectual Ambitions

College education

College education has become highly important today due to an unstable economy and growing demands from employers. However, the fact is, it seems that we are intimidating and frightening most college students, particularly the ones who are the most talented and ambitious.

Terrorising college students

This assault is formulated and presented through the rights of the learners to profitable results of their higher education, immediately after completing their graduation. This is achieved partly by the fashioning the higher education curriculum to the present vocational demands. Although it is offered in the best interest of college students, this actually ends up terrorising the very establishment of education, specifically in the sphere of arts and sciences.

Terrorize student

Vocational training meets the needs of established power and it also helps the trainees to prepare, serve and to imitate the established status. Although there isn’t anything justly damaging about the enterprise, excepting that when it is offered as an equal substitute for an unrestricted liberal arts education. When education gets more and more restricted to training, it significantly reduces the probabilities that our young learners will end up challenging the existing status quo in different fields of human endeavor.

Limiting learning opportunities

Higher education

If we limit the scope of higher education, then it will merely serve the short term objectives and interests of employers and organisations. Moreover, it will also cripple the longer term requirements of our civilization and prevent it from getting infused with the ideas and passion of the youth. There is no doubt that it is simply a formula for stagnation. For instance, governing legislatures, boards as well as accrediting agencies which allege workforce needs as the review on inappropriate study in creative arts or humanities, act as frightening checks on learners who wish to study humanistic inquiry into aesthetic forces and movements, or those want to utilize their skills and knowledge for bettering forms of social justice.

When we terrorise a 20 year old talented and promising college student with joblessness, burden of debt along with a damaged record, then it obviously creates an adverse effect on the learner and acts as a strong deterrent to creative expressions and academic achievements which inspired the students to pursue higher education in the field of science and liberal arts in the first place. If that particular students opts for entering the workforce and serve it’s immediate needs beyond open and free inquiry in the wider convention of liberal learning, the learner will contribute to the restricting of ethical as well as spiritual development which will lead to the impersonation of current social forces and structures. It will also go against the potential of higher education as a means of social & communal development and cultural strength.

The bottom line

In the history of human civilization, we have never achieved any great leaps by focusing on meeting our existing needs or catering to the current establishments of influence and power. If we discourage young learners from studying creative and research based fields, then we will force the future generation to compromise on their intellectual ambitions.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below.

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Why Must Go For An Online MBA Top Up Instead Of Full Time MBA

If you are preparing to pursue an MBA degree and start a lucrative career then it can certainly prove beneficial for you as it will open new avenues for career development. But with rising tuition fees in B-school and universities, growing demands from employers and availability of a wide array of business programmes, which programme do you think will be best suited for you? Should you opt for a 2 year MBA programme? Or can a one year MBA course be more beneficial? Let’s take a look…

Which is better for you?

Both the one year and two year programmes have been developed for both learners and professionals who wish to build their careers, start their own business or change their careers. It will enable you to meet the intense challenges of the competitive business world and understand the global business development trends. The two year full time MBA programme offers learners to gain a more comprehensive understanding of core management theories and acquire practical skills with placement support. On the other hand, the one year full time MBA take a more intense and dynamic approach than the 2 year format. If you opt for the one year course, then you will need to be completely committed and dedicated to the programme as it will help you learn business management with placement support within a period of 1 year, as opposed to the 2 year duration followed by the two year MBA course.

Do you have the right experience?

Moreover, the one year programme is more suited for individuals with work experience who have some basic knowledge of how a business works; whereas a two year programme is targeted at fresh graduates and students without any hands-on work experience. Jatin Bhandari , CEO and co-founder of MBA admissions consultancy Pytha GURUS Education, writes in a recent post, “If your mindset is “I have no idea of the industries or functions and will explore them once the MBA programme gets started,” you should not explore a one-year MBA programme. ”

He adds that the one year MBA programme is usually meant for those who have gained a basic “idea of the nature of jobs that they will be recruited for after the course.” These students may get confused, however the confusion must be rather informed. This means that the learners will be required to be mindful of the various factors to evaluate before deciding on choosing from the available options.

Gain a comprehensive understanding

Conversely, the 2 year MBA courses are targeted at individuals who are keen on experimenting and have the willingness to invest the required amount of time gain a comprehensive understanding of the various available alternatives in different functions and industries. Bhandari adds “People with work experience of less than five years should scout for a two-year MBA. The ones with 5 to 7 years of work experience should consider both the alternatives. If one is making a significant switch in career (industry or function), ie, if one is currently working in operations in healthcare, and is keen on moving to investment management, it is like a double switch – both the industry and function are different, and here one definitely needs a two-year MBA and an internship.”

Is online MBA better?

However, if you are unable to invest a huge amount of time and money in a full time MBA programme, but still wish to acquire essential business knowledge and skills, then you may think about pursuing a top up MBA distance learning course. Online MBA programmes are designed for both learners and professionals and offers quality education in an affordable and flexible way. So if you do not have relevant experience and have no working knowledge of your preferred sector, then an online MBA top up programme will the most ideal option for you. You can easily choose to work a full time job or an internship while you study and gain a practical understanding about business management.

Moreover, once you have successfully completed your top up MBA course, you will be able to fast track your degree to the final year of an accredited MBA programme from an associated university. Hence, you can earn an MBA degree without investing excessive time and money. It will not only boost your employability, but will get you the best career opportunities to build a great future.

What do you think? Will you go for a two year MBA or a one year MBA? Or is an online top up MBA better for you?

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EducationCity voted Global Education Supplier of the Year at the prestigious GESS Education Awards 2014

EducationCity is a leading technology provider of E-learning resources for primary schools that had celebrated having won the prestigious Global Education Supplier of the Year Award at the 7th Gulf Educational Supplies & Solutions Education Awards (GESS Education Awards) on 5th March in the year 2014 in Dubai. The managing director of EducationCity said: “Winning the Global Education Supplier of the Year Award at GESS is huge for EducationCity.”

Almost over 15,500 schools in over 60 countries worldwide are accessing to EducationCity for various activities every week. Attending GESS 2014 helps an individual to keep alongside all the current cutting edge products as well as all the educational resources, because of its interactive and engaging tools and also curriculum-mapped content which are innate, easy to use and an ideal for lesson-planning. EducationCity is free for everyone to use and can be accessed through mobile devices to allow both the teachers and students to access it at any time and anywhere, as well as new content.

Biggest educational exhibition GESS

GESS is the biggest educational exhibition in the Middle-East. Apart from winning the Global Education Supplier of the Year Award at GESS, Education City also won the Exporter of the Year Award at Bett 2012 and Overall Winner awards at the Practical Pre-School Awards in the years 2011 and 2013. It was also the runner-up in the ERA Awards of 2014 in the Exporter of the Year category and the winner of the Bett Awards 2014 in Exhibition Stand of the year. At Bett 2013, it was a finalist in two categories, i.e., the Company of the Year and the Best Primary Digital Resource. GESS Education Awards have actually been set up in order to honor outstanding educators as well as educational suppliers and alo solutions providers. The main objective of these new awards is to be recognised throughout the educational sector as the honour of excellence and to raise educational product and service standards throughout the educational industry.

Benefits of GESS

GESS DUBAI is a platform that not only provided a great opportunity for people to promote themselves but also to see how the East and West as well as Middle- East countries work together in business as well as industry sector as well as in the education sector and share their experiences. It is the most ideal opportunity to collaborate as well as integrate the foreign exchange and the area and the Arabic Experience. Infact, GESS has displayed a range of new offers that helped teachers to teach more better and students to learn more effectively in the classroom. It is growing on an annual basis to serve the areas rapidly expanding in the education market.

It is the only educational exhibition that transfers information about educational development around the world to the local market in the area. So, we can say that GESS Dubai, a teaching methodology has brought a great change in the view of education and also in the entire environment in the classrooms. It is the most appropriate method of reaching out to a targeted audience, thus enabling a huge growth in the educational sector. Hence GESS Dubai plays an important role in quality education in the economic development of Dubai.

The Bottom Line

This year the first edition of GESS, launched by F&E Education, the organizers of GESS in Dubai had taken place from 15th to 17th April at World Trade Center in Mexico City. The national education system of Mexico is currently serving around 35.2 million children. GESS Mexico is the first and the only education show in Latin America that represents the whole sphere of educational supplies and also institutions.

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What has lead to the journey from science fiction to science fact

What happens to theological morality in the face of technological immortality? Are we all moving from science fiction to science fact?

Not every science fiction story is meant to forecast the future, but some of them have
predicted future events with unbelievable accuracy. In today’s age, both science and technology are more than a fundamental belief. With the rapid change in technology, increase in computing technology, combined crores of human minds connected to the internet that future predictions become next to impossible. For instance- synthetic biology was that where technology allowed us to write genetic code like the way we treat computer code. But now, it means medicines, new foods and fuels. On the other hand, the demand for bio-technology which also includes synthetic biology is growing at a rapid rate. Apart from simply ruining the fundamental beliefs, we have also started de-stabilizing those facts on which beliefs are built upon. But, these will never fundamentally rearrange our culture or alter change our belief systems.

Moving to the IT as a service is the most common and biggest challenge one can take in life. The IT department will slowly start moving away from managing underlying infrastructure and applications and learn to become business managers, developing and managing relationships with their lnfrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS ) and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, thus enabling IT to become an enabler for the business, instead of operating as a cost centre as well as greatly increasing business agility. It also means members of the IT team who tied up in undertaking the day to day repetitive IT tasks can spend more time working with heads of business functions to deliver on business transformation projects. However, this transition of IT- an absolutely key to business success introduces the challenge of both acquiring and developing a new skill set for all the IT staff. New facilities and new technology is providing people with better career options for their IT services and that too in higher grade facilities, especially to manage to meet the high demands of the IT customers and also manage to complete the project in budget timely.

The new solutions will be based on cloud computing or cloud technology, i.e., a type of internet-based computing that focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of the shared services instead of having local servers or personal devices to deal with applications meaning accessing as well as storing data and programs over the Internet rather than your computer’s hard drive. When and how ‘to cloud’ depends on individual business requirements and also for specific use cases. The aim of cloud technology is to deal with traditional high-peformance computing power in consumer-oriented applications like- financial portfolios so as to deliver personalized information and to provide data storage. The business needs will also drive who you are employed with.

Some of the technologies involved in most IT firms almost 10 years ago were- Peoplesoft, Lotus notes, Windows 2003, Lotus notes and JD Edwards and even though the Opera browser and Blackberry services have changed the quality of staff employed significantly, still the quality of staff employed and the focus on the customer has remained persistent throughout. It may be feasible that probably by the year 2025 almost everything will be connected with the Internet of Things (IoT) much faster than today’s internet.

Hence, we all are moving from science fiction to science fact.

What do you think? Feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas on this topic by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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Why You Need To Study Online IT Diploma For A Thriving Career

Gearing up for a career in the IT and Computing industry? Although starting your career in the information technology sector can certainly be a lucrative idea, it is imperative you have the right skills and knowledge needed for this industry. Most industry experts identify computer coding as the “core skill of the 21st century” and a “must-have job skill of the future.” As the industry is evolving rapidly, the need for trained and skilled professionals is growing. Hence, I believe that currently there is a need to standardize it in public education systems across North America. Let’s take a look….

Do we need computer science in schools?

Mike Katchabaw, the chair of computer science undergraduate studies at Western University, claims that there are several reasons why US public schools are not teaching computer skills. He says “Some teachers might not have the background to do this, there could be issues of adequate resources to enable this sort of thing, and also time. There’s only so many courses students can take.”

According to a 2013 report by, computer science was present in the curriculum of only 3,249 schools in the United States out of over 98,000 schools. The Ontario Secondary School Diploma does not include requirements do for computer science courses. In most cases, these are not even categorized as a science or math subject and are listed with other courses like art or drama. Katchabaw added “It would be nice to see some kind of computing course, or perhaps a selection from a set of computing courses, as required for graduation. A number of countries around the world are moving in this direction, and I think it is time for us to do the same.”

Growing job opportunities in IT

Although there is a shortage of IT courses in the American secondary education system, the volume of employment opportunities in this area has been really high since the past few years. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the area of mathematics and computers will expand by 22 per cent by 2020, as compared to the 7 per cent rise between 2006-2010. Moreover, the 2014 Council of Ontario Universities Report declared that computer science exhibits a 95.3 per cent job rate, which is among the Top Ten employment areas in general.

Be a trained IT professional

So if you are planning for a career in computing, then this is the best time to start pursuing a diploma in computing. Why? The truth is there is currently a shortage of trained and skilled IT professionals in the sector and employers are finding a skills gap. By studying a computing diploma, you will be able to acquire the necessary technical knowledge and skills that will give an edge over your competitors in the job market. However, studying a full time course from a recognised university might not be possible for most of us as there is a high requirement of time and money investment.

This is why more and more aspiring IT professionals are now pursuing online IT and computing diplomas as these offer high levels of flexibility and are more than affordable. Thus, you can easily choose to gain work experience and study for your diploma at the same time. Moreover, online IT education can also help schools in the US to offer a quality learning experience to their students and help them develop essential computing skills.

Due to the high quality of education offered by online diploma in computing and IT courses and its growing demand, increasing number of employers from across the globe are now looking for applicants with online qualifications. Hence, you will get the best employment opportunities from leading IT firms from around the world and various other businesses across various fields.

How are you planning to start your IT career? Share your opinions and thoughts with us by commenting below.

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What are the key aspects for the betterment of your future career?

Listening and learning are the key aspects for the betterment of your future career. The key elements for a successful education are- the involvement of parents, technology integration, emotional and intellectual intelligence, community partners, connecting integrated studies, engaging in project-based learning, teacher preparation, re-organizing technology resources, expanding comprehensive assessment and sharing co-operative learning. When it comes to the improvement in the public education system, nothing is simple while strengthening such a vast and complex institution as our educational system.

11 common ways in which we can improve our public education system –

Being open to innovation- With the invention of the internet, project-based class task has become much more demanding than the traditional book-based works, where students may only memorize facts from one source. So, the student must go beyond the textbook to study the complex topics based on real-world matters.

A good bureaucracy system- The nasty bureaucracy of education slows it down, leading to a lot of obstacles to people who want to innovate inside and outside the schools.

Integrated Studies– Integrated studies should be able to provide all students to reach across traditional disciplines and explore their relationships. Art, english literature and also ancient history can be interwoven and studied together.

Proper coaching of the students through the learning process- The way the students learn at school is dull and static. Learning should be fun, social and also interactive.

Regular class tests- It is only through regular class assessments that can provide a detailed, continuous profile of student strengths and weaknesses. Also that, class tests is an opportunity to re-assess oneself how well he or she is doing than before by learning from their mistakes, re-taking the test and improving their grades.

Working together on project teams and guided by trained teachersThe most vital role played by teachers is training and also guiding the students through the learning process, giving a special attention to nurturing a student’s interests as well as self-confidence.

Restruction of resources money, time and other facilities- A new school’s construction and renovation must stress on the school’s layout that supports students and teachers collaborating in teams, with access to technology. Schools can be re-designed to also serve as community centers that provide health and social services for families, as well as counseling and parenting classes for school-going kids and their parents.

Should be more focused on the school kids than on the teachers- Most of the discourses on school reform focuses on teachers and this doesnot provides the best results for the school kids.

Community Partners– All schools should enlist professionals to act as instructors as well as mentors for students. Community partners should expose both students as well as teachers to the world of work through school-to-career programs and internships.

Share co-operative learning- Co-operative learning helps in developing a student’s emotional and social skills, thus providing a valuable foundation for their lives as family members, workers and also citizens.

Involvement of parents- To a child, their parents are the first teachers who can instill values that encourages school education. A parent should a child’s mentor, guide and instructor as well. When schoolwork involves parents, students can actually learn more.

Do you want to add to the discussion? Then feel free to share your ideas and thoughts             below.

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Can World Bank Help In Financially Supporting Mali’s Higher Education?

Recently, the Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank Group approved a US$19 million grant and a US$14 million credit to enhance the quality of some specific programmes and the general management of higher education all over Mali. The funding for the Mali Higher Education Support Project incorporates different activities which aim to better the management of higher education institutions and design new programmes which are consistent with the demands of the labor market, boosting the probability of graduates for getting lucrative jobs.

Modernising Education

Pierre Joseph Kamano, World Bank Task Team Leader for the Project, said “It is expected that the project will directly benefit about 20,000 students and, indirectly, all of the 110,000 students currently enrolled in higher education. It is also expected to modernise education work environments, and improve the skills and experience for more than 1,000 academic staff and administrators to make them more competitive in the sub-region’s labor market.”

Many programmes in selected higher education institutes are set to be developed to meet the labor market demand and include better governance of management and finances. This will also help in improving the higher education system for the purpose of efficiently planning and executing reforms, observe the relevance and quality of programmes, as well as offer reliable statistics for policy decisions.

Need For Facing Challenges

The sensitive economy of Mali is getting harmed by structural hindrances to development, like a unimpressive investment scenario, poor infrastructure and insufficient skills, especially among young professionals. One of the biggest challenges is focussing on the issue of low qualifications of the workforce in the emerging labor market in Mali.

Paul Noumba um, Country Director at World Bank in Mali “Around 65 percent of Malians have no education and the average schooling among adults is 2.4 years. The status quo does not adequately address the needs of existing employers in the formal sector who complain of persistent difficulties in recruiting appropriately skilled workers. It also undermines the county’s potential for growth and economic diversification while hindering poverty reduction.”

The skills shortage has resulted due to the effects of growing demand for specialised professionals from different industries that are facing fast growth and rising job vacancies. Poor levels of worker productivity are weakening the economic conduct of the informal sector. The disparity between the number of workers looking for jobs and level of skills required by the growing labor market has been further aggravated after the last crisis.

Focusing On Higher Education

Higher education is also opposed with mismatch in the governance. Shortage in supply and poor  tools are symbolic of ineffective utilisation of resources. Most of the education budget is allotted to the additional teaching hours and students’ welfare. It is only by developing the financing system for higher education, these institutions can effectively apportion their own academic budgets and help in the improvement of teaching, learning and innovation.

Moreover, the higher education in Mali, like other parts of Africa, has poor performance standards in almost all schools and colleges. If we wish to better the management of colleges, universities and other institutes, we need to improve institutional autonomy with enhanced accountability. This will result in creation of conditions that will lead to alternative revenue sources.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinions with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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