Why an MBA is Still Great for Your Career Even in 2014?

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There is great news for all MBA aspirants as the employment prospects for 2014 look strong as more employers across the globe are planning to hire fresh MBA graduates, according to studies. Do you want to take this opportunity to grow your career? Are planning on pursuing an MBA programme, but concerned about the job opportunities? Can an online postgraduate diploma in business enable you to reach your goals? Let’s find out…

What Are The Job Prospects For MBAs In 2014

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The “2013/14 QS TopMBA.com Jobs & Salary Trends Report” reveals that this year there will be around 14 per cent increase in MBA jobs worldwide. According to another survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) the salaries for MBA graduates have increased by 7 per cent while job offers for pre-graduation MBA students have almost doubled in last 4 years. The sectors that are more likely to recruit MBAs in 2014 include healthcare, manufacturing and technology sectors, says GMAC.

So if you are planning to pursue an MBA degree, then 2014 is undoubtedly a great time to begin. You can either go for a reputed business school or if you are concerned about your budget then you may choose a recognised online B-school. Online business diplomas are a great alternative as these are accredited and are widely accepted by employers.

What You Can Expect From Your MBA In 2014

It was observed that most of the economically strong regions across the globe have experienced slow growth in MBA jobs. On the other hand, some developing nations had drastic rise in MBA jobs in the past few years. So let us have a look at MBA job prospects in different regions. Read on….

US, Canada and Western Europe

Both USA and Canada have seen relatively slow growth in MBA Jobs in recent years, but in 2014 this is set to change. According to the 2013/14 QS TopMBA.com Jobs & Salary Trends Report, US and Canada will have a sufficient growth of 16 per cent, whereas the growth rate will be comparatively lower for Western Europe at 6 per cent.

Due to uncertain and sluggish economic recovery in the US, the growth of MBA jobs has been affected. But as financial services are stabilising fast and the technology and manufacturing sectors are expanding, MBAs will have better job opportunities this year.


In Asia, there was a growth of 20 per cent in MBA jobs last year. The report states that this rate will continue further this year and it is forecasted that the region will experience a growth of 38 per cent in MBA jobs. China and India are the major players in Asia as employers in these 2 nations continue to prefer MBA graduates for fresh recruits. Finance, IT/computer services, manufacturing and consulting were the key sectors driving the growth in Asia.

Eastern Europe

The Jobs & Salary Trends Report reveals that Eastern Europe could experience a gigantic 34 per cent rise in MBA jobs in 2014 from a mere 6 per cent last year. Major sectors that are influencing the growth are consultancy, engineering and automotive industries.

Middle East and Africa

Both Africa and Middle East continue to experience modest growth in jobs related to MBA. It is predicted that both regions will have around 13 per cent increase in this year.

Latin America

The Latin America region, which had almost 14 per cent increase last year, is expected to see a rise on 9 per cent in MBA jobs. Brazil and Mexico remain the key players as most of the US manufacturing units are based here.

What Do You Think?

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You can see 2014 is expected to be great year for MBA graduates as increasing number of employers worldwide continue to appreciate the value of an MBA qualification. So I would suggest you that instead of wasting time, you should start applying for the most suitable MBA programme as soon as possible. 

However, if you are concerned about the high tuition fees at reputed business schools or if you are already working, then your best option is to go for an online diploma. A postgraduate diploma programme online in business will help you to learn the basics of business management without handing out too much cash. These accredited online programmes are highly affordable and enable you study at your own pace and continue your day job as well.

What do you think? Will go for an online MBA or choose a traditional programme? Or are you still not sure about the prospects of pursuing an MBA degree? Let us know what you feel. We would love to hear your views.

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  1. Pramod Kumar says:

    Thank you for writing this article on MBA is an still great career options to your career now a days MBA is become a very good to choose as your career option

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