Is MBA at 30+ a Good Idea?

Can you be too old to pursue an MBA? The fact is many older students, specifically those above the age of 28, are now getting enrolled for MBA programmes. Although earlier it was considered as a gag, but with the changing times, the trend is shifting. Most business schools do not follow any age limit when they accept applicants for their programmes. The admission directors only search for those candidates who are apt for the courses and can add value to the programme.

Going Back to School


At present, many experienced professionals are getting enrolled in full time MBA programmes, executive MBA programmes and even online MBA programmes. They are strongly focussed on improving their knowledge and advancing their careers towards a new direction. An older or a much-older MBA student can bring years of work experience into the programme.

How Old is Too Old?


You can check any international business school and you will find students who are in their early and mid 30s. It is possible that you can also find students who are much older, ranging from early 40s to even 62 year olds. But what is the reason for this? One of the main reasons is a qualification from international business school online can give you the career boost you are looking for and help you to change your job role and field of work.

Executive Director of the Executive MBA Council, Michael Desiderio, says “In today’s market where more people are working longer–whether they have to or they choose to–it’s not just, ‘Well, I’m 65, it’s time to go sit in a rocking chair”…..I just don’t think that mentality for the most part exists anymore.”

Growing Numbers

In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of students who have already earned their undergraduate degrees almost 10 years earlier. Although it may be difficult to provide exact numbers, the volume of older candidates is undoubtedly growing.

One of the top business school declared that their 2015 class comprises of 23 students who had completed their under-graduation almost 10 years ago. The class of 2014 included only 17 students and the class of 2013 had only 12 students who received undergraduate degrees around 10 years earlier. It clearly shows that this year, the number of older students have increased significantly from the previous years. However, you should know that most of the students in this group completed their undergrad degrees at least 3-6 years ago. Furthermore, enrolment of returning students has also increased in online international business school.

Countering Challenges

No matter what, going back to school after a long hiatus can be very challenging for you. The Director of Executive MBA and Global Programs at the Yale SOM, Ian Rogan, says “In general our EMBA students have been away from an academic setting long enough that the challenges some of them experience in returning seem to be fairly standard across the cohort, regardless of whether they are twelve or twenty years removed from their previous academic experience.”

If you are a returning student who is facing challenges in your MBA course, then these simple and useful tips can help you –

  • Make Sure You Get Financial Support
  • Make Strict Schedule for Your Daily Studies
  • Learn to Manage Stress and Test Anxiety
  • Be Yourself and Have Self-Confidence
  • Manage Your Time between Work, Family & Education
  • Find a Support Group for Non-Traditional Students

Being More Focussed

One of the main benefits of older MBA students is that they are very clear and precise about their reasons for pursuing an MBA. These students are aware that a qualification from international business school online can significantly help them in their post-MBA career and facilitate them in professional development.

So if you have decided to continue your studies and return to school after along break, then although you would face some challenges but it will surely benefit you in your personal and professional growth.

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