Why US Presidential Candidates Are Focused On Debt Free Education

Although university campuses across the US seem to be quiet now, but politics regarding higher education have been busy lately. Presidential candidates from both the main parties are now proposing some type of free university programmes or tuition so that students can avoid the need to take loans.

Bill For Tuition Free Education

The proposal is gaining traction as the a new bill has been introduced in Congress which wants to start 2 years of tuition free university education across the country. Even though the bill may not have any chance of prospering, President Barack Obama seems to support it. In the mean time, at least 2 among the 50 US states are gearing up to lower tuition fees at public universities during autumn for specific learners, whereas many universities might freeze tuition fees.



Irrespective of the prospect of the White House hopefuls’ proposals will be implemented, the fact that they are focused on the issue, along with the decision of some states to minimize tuition fees express a severe resentment towards the constantly increasing higher education costs. This shows a clear and remarkable national focus to make university education affordable.

Debt Is A Top Concern

Governor of New Jersey and Republican presidential contender, Chris Christie believes that the debt acquired by US university students is among the top 2 one of the top two concerns that voters enquire him about. Most of the candidates for the presidential election next year claim that their focus on this topic has generated from their personal experience in either paying their own college tuition fees or their children’s fees, which identifies a drastic generational shift. It is believed that the lot of presidential candidates have experienced the rapidest rise in the cost of pursuing higher education as well as the maximum postgraduate student debt levels in history.



Senator and self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders, perhaps offer the most radical plan. His Democratic presidential nomination campaign for the has gained surprising momentum. Sanders has offered a proposal to make all US public universities completely tuition-free by utilizing revenue obtained from the tax on investment firms transactions. He said “Countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden and many more are providing free or inexpensive higher education for their young people. They understand how important it is to be investing in their youth. We should be doing the same.”

Debt Free University Education

Democratic favourite Hillary Clinton is also focussed on reducing the tuition fees across universities nationwide, however she has not delved into the details yet. According to Clinton’s campaign manager, the former United States Secretary of State believes that college education must be debt-free. It seems that this idea is now being talked about vigorously by most advocacy groups.

However, it appears that the description of “debt free higher education” varies to some extent based on which candidate is defining it. Some parties believe that university tuition fees must be waived; while some others claim that learners and their families need to encouraged to pay whatever amount they can, short of taking loans. There are other who are keen on looking for new ways to provide funding to students for higher education without the need for taking out a student loan.

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Article source – bit.ly/1JJsB4L

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