Why Must Go For An Online MBA Top Up Instead Of Full Time MBA

If you are preparing to pursue an MBA degree and start a lucrative career then it can certainly prove beneficial for you as it will open new avenues for career development. But with rising tuition fees in B-school and universities, growing demands from employers and availability of a wide array of business programmes, which programme do you think will be best suited for you? Should you opt for a 2 year MBA programme? Or can a one year MBA course be more beneficial? Let’s take a look…

Which is better for you?

Both the one year and two year programmes have been developed for both learners and professionals who wish to build their careers, start their own business or change their careers. It will enable you to meet the intense challenges of the competitive business world and understand the global business development trends. The two year full time MBA programme offers learners to gain a more comprehensive understanding of core management theories and acquire practical skills with placement support. On the other hand, the one year full time MBA take a more intense and dynamic approach than the 2 year format. If you opt for the one year course, then you will need to be completely committed and dedicated to the programme as it will help you learn business management with placement support within a period of 1 year, as opposed to the 2 year duration followed by the two year MBA course.

Do you have the right experience?

Moreover, the one year programme is more suited for individuals with work experience who have some basic knowledge of how a business works; whereas a two year programme is targeted at fresh graduates and students without any hands-on work experience. Jatin Bhandari , CEO and co-founder of MBA admissions consultancy Pytha GURUS Education, writes in a recent post, “If your mindset is “I have no idea of the industries or functions and will explore them once the MBA programme gets started,” you should not explore a one-year MBA programme. ”

He adds that the one year MBA programme is usually meant for those who have gained a basic “idea of the nature of jobs that they will be recruited for after the course.” These students may get confused, however the confusion must be rather informed. This means that the learners will be required to be mindful of the various factors to evaluate before deciding on choosing from the available options.

Gain a comprehensive understanding

Conversely, the 2 year MBA courses are targeted at individuals who are keen on experimenting and have the willingness to invest the required amount of time gain a comprehensive understanding of the various available alternatives in different functions and industries. Bhandari adds “People with work experience of less than five years should scout for a two-year MBA. The ones with 5 to 7 years of work experience should consider both the alternatives. If one is making a significant switch in career (industry or function), ie, if one is currently working in operations in healthcare, and is keen on moving to investment management, it is like a double switch – both the industry and function are different, and here one definitely needs a two-year MBA and an internship.”

Is online MBA better?

However, if you are unable to invest a huge amount of time and money in a full time MBA programme, but still wish to acquire essential business knowledge and skills, then you may think about pursuing a top up MBA distance learning course. Online MBA programmes are designed for both learners and professionals and offers quality education in an affordable and flexible way. So if you do not have relevant experience and have no working knowledge of your preferred sector, then an online MBA top up programme will the most ideal option for you. You can easily choose to work a full time job or an internship while you study and gain a practical understanding about business management.

Moreover, once you have successfully completed your top up MBA course, you will be able to fast track your degree to the final year of an accredited MBA programme from an associated university. Hence, you can earn an MBA degree without investing excessive time and money. It will not only boost your employability, but will get you the best career opportunities to build a great future.

What do you think? Will you go for a two year MBA or a one year MBA? Or is an online top up MBA better for you?

Article source – bit.ly/1LiYZfx

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