EducationCity voted Global Education Supplier of the Year at the prestigious GESS Education Awards 2014

EducationCity is a leading technology provider of E-learning resources for primary schools that had celebrated having won the prestigious Global Education Supplier of the Year Award at the 7th Gulf Educational Supplies & Solutions Education Awards (GESS Education Awards) on 5th March in the year 2014 in Dubai. The managing director of EducationCity said: “Winning the Global Education Supplier of the Year Award at GESS is huge for EducationCity.”

Almost over 15,500 schools in over 60 countries worldwide are accessing to EducationCity for various activities every week. Attending GESS 2014 helps an individual to keep alongside all the current cutting edge products as well as all the educational resources, because of its interactive and engaging tools and also curriculum-mapped content which are innate, easy to use and an ideal for lesson-planning. EducationCity is free for everyone to use and can be accessed through mobile devices to allow both the teachers and students to access it at any time and anywhere, as well as new content.

Biggest educational exhibition GESS

GESS is the biggest educational exhibition in the Middle-East. Apart from winning the Global Education Supplier of the Year Award at GESS, Education City also won the Exporter of the Year Award at Bett 2012 and Overall Winner awards at the Practical Pre-School Awards in the years 2011 and 2013. It was also the runner-up in the ERA Awards of 2014 in the Exporter of the Year category and the winner of the Bett Awards 2014 in Exhibition Stand of the year. At Bett 2013, it was a finalist in two categories, i.e., the Company of the Year and the Best Primary Digital Resource. GESS Education Awards have actually been set up in order to honor outstanding educators as well as educational suppliers and alo solutions providers. The main objective of these new awards is to be recognised throughout the educational sector as the honour of excellence and to raise educational product and service standards throughout the educational industry.

Benefits of GESS

GESS DUBAI is a platform that not only provided a great opportunity for people to promote themselves but also to see how the East and West as well as Middle- East countries work together in business as well as industry sector as well as in the education sector and share their experiences. It is the most ideal opportunity to collaborate as well as integrate the foreign exchange and the area and the Arabic Experience. Infact, GESS has displayed a range of new offers that helped teachers to teach more better and students to learn more effectively in the classroom. It is growing on an annual basis to serve the areas rapidly expanding in the education market.

It is the only educational exhibition that transfers information about educational development around the world to the local market in the area. So, we can say that GESS Dubai, a teaching methodology has brought a great change in the view of education and also in the entire environment in the classrooms. It is the most appropriate method of reaching out to a targeted audience, thus enabling a huge growth in the educational sector. Hence GESS Dubai plays an important role in quality education in the economic development of Dubai.

The Bottom Line

This year the first edition of GESS, launched by F&E Education, the organizers of GESS in Dubai had taken place from 15th to 17th April at World Trade Center in Mexico City. The national education system of Mexico is currently serving around 35.2 million children. GESS Mexico is the first and the only education show in Latin America that represents the whole sphere of educational supplies and also institutions.

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