Education in New Zealand gets an additional $687 million Boost


The Government of New Zealand has finally announced some contending news for the educational institutions of the country as well as for the special needs of the children. The Finance budget presented on 21 May,2015 in the Parliament by the honorable Finance Minister Mr. Hon Bill English grants $687million dollars for the next four years on Special Needs of children ,Early Childhood Education, building infrastructures for new schools along with the development of the existing ones, efficient working of the troubled payroll system Novopay and many others.

Out of the total estimated budget , a boost of $62.9 million over four years will be injected for special education for the children with special needs such as occupational therapy , speech language therapy to name a few and also provide an extra 500 students with Ongoing Resource Scheme (ORS) support.”In the case of students with special needs, a strong education increases the chance of them becoming more independent and better able to participate in and contribute to the community,” Education Minister Hekia Parata said.The Budget also take an initiative for spending for extra in-class teacher’s aide support, which is designed to help those students with special needs that don’t meet the requirements for ORS funding, for example, children with dyslexia, autism, ADHD and foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

The Government of NZ allotted $53.3 millions for the next four years to work on a flawless and cost effective payroll system Novopay, thereby benefitting the teachers and additional teaching staffs .

The Budget also includes new capital expenditure of $244 million to build seven new schools and kura kaupapa, expand four existing schools and build another 241 classrooms at existing schools.

Early childhood Education receives $75 millions dollars . This would facilitate an increase in the rate of children going to school at an early stage and also spend comparatively more hours evolved in education.

As an initiative to support “Child Hardship Budget ” program, the budget has increased the allowance of the tertiary students by $25 a week. This is expected to benefit about 9000 families. Childcare assistance for low-income families will increase from $4 an hour to $5 an hour, affecting about 40,000 families.

More than $97 million over four years will be given to institutions to increase their intakes in science, agriculture, optometry, pharmacy and physiotherapy.

Currently institutions are allowed to put up student fees by a maximum of four per cent each year . The Budget of 2015 has even proposed the reduction of the next year annual maximum fee increment to 3 per cent, and would even be subjected to public consultation in June.

“This new funding, along with new funding for roll growth, will bring the total amount spent on school operational grants to $1.32 billion during 2015/16,” Parata said.

The power fact announcement for the development of infrastructure of schools and other institutions and also sustaining the growth of the underprivileged students seems to be quite a handful. Time will witness how much will this initiative will benefit the sectors in reality.

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