Technology making our student more of a 21st century learner

Business-minded adults, appropriate for learner-centric self-directed mostly autodidactic online courses, will soon be able to complete their valuable MBA course without paying a penny. And that is also, without the hazard of going through normative assignment submission and childish things of that sort. Below will be the story given of how mature students will be doing their study in this ‘Wi-Fi age’ of 21st century.


Soon the iMBA programme (free online MBA programme) will be launched by the University of Illinois, which has been approved at Urbana Champaign’s College of Business, Monday (4th May, 2015) evening.

First, there was traditional classroom MBA of two years. Then, came the online MBA which could be extended in its period of completion, learning in one’s own pace. Now, Illinois University is taking it to a new level by offering MBA, which has the recognition of a course like any other regular paid course of any university, absolutely free of cost.

The education platform Coursera will be used for this purpose. In the coming months, the university will be giving the details (syllabi, modules, schedules of sessions on particular chapters etc.) of courses under the umbrella term of MBA, all online, free of cost, so that students could decide which courses to take up.

“It’s a completely innovative way of aggregating credentials, which really allows people to consume what they want, when they want it,” says Daphne Koller, president of Coursera. “If you want to learn digital marketing, you can sign up for that specialization; if you want to learn about business negotiation, you can do that; and if you want the full MBA, you’re on the path for that as well.” As said, students need not require to take up the entire course, as they can take selected courses from the big chunk of all courses under the umbrella term of MBA, to fit their profile and position they are applying for.

Insignificant twist in the tail

Like most ostensibly free things, there is a twist in the tail, in obtaining the degree. Though the certificate is representative of the degree and all the supportive online classes will be there, to get an ‘actual’ ‘admission’ in the iMBA programme, in ‘full’ as a whole, one will have to pay $20,000 as tuition fee which is still very low low compared to what is charged by established business schools.

Courses like iMBA will soon be all over, marking the standard cheap cost-effective way of mature learning of a typical 21st century learner.

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