Find Job Satisfaction Without Worrying About a College Degree


A few decades ago, people believed that in order to be truly happy one needed to go to college, find a job and be successful in his career. Everyone went hunting for a job. Right now, the perspectives of many people have already changed.

Going to a college definitely grooms a person and gives him all the equipments that are needed to work successfully. If a doctor didn’t go to med school, most of us would end up dead on the operation table. If a businessman didn’t attend classes in business schools, he would always face losses. But not going to a college doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world.

It is a fact that the more degrees you have the better are your chances at earning a decent salary and you will also be working in a better position. But there is more to life than just money.

What People Actually Look For When They Need A Job

  • People look for a happy environment at work to be truly happy.
  • The relationship with one’s boss should ideally be one in which there is mutual respect and trust.
  • The colleagues should also be respected and loved. No one likes to be stagnant.
  • There should always be an opportunity for professional growth.
  • There should be good resources.
  • The reputation of a company is also to be taken into account.
  • No one is happy in an insecure and negative environment.

If these elements are present it becomes easier for someone to enjoy doing what he likes. There are many jobs that don’t demand students to invest four years of their life for them. They are the jobs of an entrepreneur, WordPress Developer, Business Development Executive, Loan Officer, Recruiter, Customer Service Representative, Video Editor, Photographer, Social Media Manager and Field Service Technician.

Innovative And Creative- Be An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are those individuals who are innovative and willing to set up businesses of their own. They try to make a business plan with a bank, investors, partners and staff. They formulate marketing plans, production plans, sales forecasts and budgeting plans. They can hire and train the employees. Some manage the accounting, taxes and reports by themselves or hire accountants. They need to constantly build a network of business officials but they enjoy the flexibility and the freedom of ownership of a business. Some businesses that fall under this category are child care, landscaping, cleaning services, general contractor jobs and construction.

Write What You Feel With a WordPress Developer’s Job

WordPress Developers have become popular since 2003 when self-hosted blogging was developing gradually across the globe. Anyone can write from anywhere in the world. A licence is usually not always required and there is ample scope for freedom and development. It has slowly evolved to become a content management system.

Execute With Excellence- Business Development Executive

Business Development Executives conduct market research for the growth of the company, communicate with partners and enter deals and make strategic choices for profits for the company. Contracts and internal operations need to be taken care of.

Help others Fulfil Their Dreams- Be a Loan Officer

Loan officer’s job is also very important since people take loans to buy cars, homes and for starting a new business. They help the people apply for the loans as they possess good financial judgement.

Hire Globally by Being a Recruiter

A Recruiter plans, keeps a record of qualified candidates, performs administrative duties and creates a network with the leading companies so that people can find employment in the right firms and jobs.

Show Your Concern By Giving Service To Your Customers

A Customer Service Representative responds to the customers’ queries, placement of orders, refunds, exchanges and keeps records of their addresses and phone numbers. This is done using the phone, email or social media. Products and services are sold and suggestions are provided if products malfunction. Accounts are upgraded or cancelled. Orders are placed or cancelled by these professionals.

Be Creative and Unique With Video Editing

Video Editors collect recorded matter and put them together to make them suitable for broadcast. The material includes camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects. They work with the directors of films.

Click People’s Best Life-long Memories

Photographers make a collage of visual images for creative, technical and documentary purposes such as for weddings, pictures of children, fashion, food, architecture, war and for landscapes. They constantly carry out research to meet the requirements of clients. They work with other professionals like writers, picture researchers, graphic designers and they also promote their business by selling products like business cards and post cards.

Join Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing includes building appropriate content, having content strategy, developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic, blogging and showing interest in sales.

Lend a hand as a Field Service Technician

Field Service Technicians are experts who fix gadgets that are malfunctioning such as mobiles, televisions, computers and need to be very good at maintaining and repairing machines. They need to respond to calls and often visit places that have the machines that are not working.

Now it must be a new revelation for you that there are millions of jobs that are available to people and they can be very successful in these professions without wasting time at college. They are all jobs that people highly depend upon. They all can be done in a peaceful environment without constant interference or any kind of hindrance. There is unlimited freedom for them to work passionately with dedication. We can look forward to a promising future in which along with these jobs that are a source of constant happiness, there will be jobs in the market that will make the employee happy and feel fulfilled.

If you have any questions about employment opportunities without college degrees, leave them below.

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