How Young Learners Can Learn To Love their Lessons in a Classroom


Teachers are familiar with a particular kind of students who are famously known as hibernators. They are the ones who shirk from work and seem least interested in anything that goes on in a classroom.

How Students Can Find Learning To Be Fun

  • Various scholars from across the world are encouraging teachers to keep the students actively engaged in some kind of work. Initially they will be rebellious, but with practise and encouragement they will slowly start thinking that learning is fun and not just hard work.
  • A teacher needs to establish ground rules. In the very beginning of an academic year, the teacher should explain to the students what is expected of them. Learning should be goal oriented.
  • A dictator always meets his end. So your task will be to encourage the young learners to understand that your expectations are real and you need to be very strict when the tasks are to be submitted.
  • Your students should know what is to be done and how it is to be executed. Confusion arises when the instructions are not lucidly provided. Encouraging teamwork or working in pairs is a great way for students to learn. Individual work makes the process very boring if the learners are very young. Learning should be fun and informative.

How To Motivate Shy Learners

Some students are naturally shy. It is essential that you set up the classroom in such a manner that they can feel relaxed and happy when they share new insight. If peer pressure is replaced by peer encouragement and positive reinforcement, learning automatically becomes very simple and effective.

At times, instructors can encourage students to respond by asking interesting and thought provoking questions. Students should also feel free to express themselves and ask their teachers questions that naturally arise in their minds.

Speak Less, Engage More

Talking endlessly about things can become tedious for the teacher and will put students to sleep. Take turns by asking them to speak after you have spoken for a few minutes. This will help you understand whether they are actually paying attention or are drifting away into a different world.

A Tech-Class Rouses Interest and Curiosity

Using technology is a must in today’s classrooms. There are so many choices and learning modules for you to choose from which can be visually attractive if there are bright pictures complementing the written details. You can also include charts, maps and other visual aids to make the lessons interesting.

Move them Around the Class

If students sit in one place, they tend to become restless. So it would be healthy for them to move around and exchange seats with peers while working with different group members.

A teacher is a facilitator. It is great if students are introduced to new topics but they should also be related to older topics that have been already discussed. New words should be introduced to students. Teachers should make sure that the method that is used to introduce new words to the children are relevant so that they can remember the words.

There should always be a lesson that summarizes the day’s lesson so that the key points are retained by the pupils. There can be short discussions and interactive sessions which will help them clarify doubts if any.

Implementing these techniques can surely help students feel connected to the lesson and can rouse their interest. They will naturally feel curious when they are learning about something new. They will remain motivated to ask, explore and even conduct researches on their own. It will indeed be a rich and fulfilling experience for the learners and the learned.

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