A College Degree Is No Match For Practical Experience At Work

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We are all aware of the fact that a college degree is essential if one wants to find employment. Any professional needs a degree. A doctor, engineer, lawyer or anyone who is in a job needs to have a college -approved degree.

Ironically, in recent times, there is a greater emphasis on the practical wisdom of the candidate that is being taken into account.

You should try to understand the reasons why recruiters seek a college degree while employing people. Don’t jump to conclusions before you have judged both sides.

Why does an employer look at your college degree?

Candidates who have a college degree are trained to analyze problems, conduct research and find solutions to problems. They can understand complex subject matters. They are motivated and are highly intelligent. They have good interpersonal skills.

What are recruiters really looking for when they interview you?

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What employers look for in reality is whether the candidate is reliable or not. The behaviour, ability, knowledge and skills of a candidate are very important as well. These are even better developed when they are practically working while they study. It is difficult to tackle the world of employment unless one is in that field of work. Theoretical knowledge is essential but more of it is practiced when a person is in the job.

How are people getting experience at work if they are still in college?

There has been a growing rise in the number of internships that have successfully turned theory into practice. Students trade their salary for credits so that they can complete their college degree. They prepare a report that is observed by employers after they graduate. They have the added advantage of working with real professionals and they learn about the problems that people face in real life. They get an opportunity to join the company after they earn their degree.

Educational programs have become popular since students no longer need to work in temporary positions but they can gain first-hand experience in the job of their choice while they learn at college. They work for government agencies and are financially assisted by the government.

There are job placements in fields such as nursing and technology where students are receiving their degree while being paid for the work that they accomplish in the hospital along -side the professionals.

There are apprenticeships as well under the supervision of a professional with a license or a certification in the job. Students who choose to train themselves find that they have more practical knowledge when they are finally employed.

These are all examples of on-the-job skill building which is absent if a person concentrates only on acquiring an academic degree in a college campus, away from the field of employment and only in the midst of theory and knowledge that helps them pass examinations.

Take a look at recent surveys on education and work experience.

The survey by UK finance group Close Brothers said there was no substitute for practical experience.

Source: bit.ly/1p6h4UU

Dublin Web Summit founder, Paddy Cosgrave said that his company only recruits graduates for internship programmes from Trinity College with a 2:1 degree, or a 1st degree from the country’s other colleges.

From the recent surveys you must have understood the importance of skill-building while working with real professionals and you must also note that a degree is equally important. There are multiple ways for you to get both a practical experience and your degree. You can approach the universities near home and see if you can find both employment and earn a degree.

If the location of your home becomes unfavourable, you can also look into the courses that are offered by institutions like distance education. You can study the materials that are available on the internet and you can complete the reports and lessons online. You can receive your degree online as well. At the same time, you can work and gain the experience that you will need once you start working on a full-time basis. The best part is, since you will have a prior knowledge about the job because of your experience, your work will be appreciated by recruiters who will find you to be reliable and trustworthy for the job.

Build your career with a degree and don’t forget to gain first-hand experience in the relevant field. These two are the assets that you possess when recruiters find you for the job that you are working so hard for.

If you have any questions leave some for us below.

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