MBA Finds Recognition in the Fashion Industry

Business education is one of the most important streams in the academic world. It is the best course that can be pursued if you want a job immediately after college. At the same time you might be deeply interested in fashion- designing clothes, jewellery and accessories. How would it be if you could be a director or manager in the field of fashion?


How are the two related?

In today’s world it is important to keep your mind open since different careers have reached different dimensions. You need to be aware of the fact that jobs and courses are interdisciplinary. Studying an MBA and choosing fashion implies that you will need to concentrate on areas such as fashion displays and design, buying and merchandising, finances and budgets, and anticipating ever-changing styles in the industry.

You can choose to become a successful director, manager, or representative of a design company. You can also explore the fields of clothing and accessory design, magazine layout, marketing, public relations, and management. You can be employed as a financial leader, supply chain manager, display designer, and human resources manager. You will have the opportunity to travel and you will have an exposure to art and cultural opportunities to nurture your creativity.

Fashion and Business Walk Hand -in- Hand

The UK fashion industry employs more than 800,000 people and generates £26bn annually.


There are numerous examples of the fashion industry forming partnerships with business schools. The British Fashion Council has formed a partnership with London Business. The British Fashion Council found it inadequate to teach fashion students about business. There was an absence of resources as well.

The course sponsored by Kering, the luxury accessories and clothing group, in HEC Paris, France encouraged MBA students to go to design school, while designers attended business school. HEC Paris has made provision for an advanced management programme on fashion and luxury in collaboration with Tsinghua University in Beijing.

A similar example exists in the USA. There is a partnership between Columbia Business School and the Luxury Education Foundation.

How To Make Your Dream Come True

After reading about the various schools and firms you must be optimistic and eager to study MBA and join the fashion industry. There are numerous business schools waiting for you to enrol and attain success.

But what will happen if you already have a job? What if you live miles away from a reputed business school? What if you have your family and can’t rent a place away from them?

You must never lose heart. You can always choose to study online. It’s easy, efficient and cost-effective. You can work and study simultaneously without skipping credits or missing classes. You can attend virtual classes, get your books online, submit your homework online, interact with others who are interested in this field and get your grades online.

If you can complete the total number of credits that are given to you by your business school you can easily find employment. Plus you already have the added benefit of being experienced in your field of employment. This will open several doors and you will never have to look back. So what are you waiting for? The fashion industry waits for an industrious you.

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