Can You Earn A UK Degree Without Emptying Your Bank Account?

So you want to earn a UK degree? It is undoubtedly an excellent idea to acquire an accredited degree from a UK university as it can add significant value to your resume and boost your career. But as most UK institutes are continuously hiking their tuition fees, is it worth it?

Let me tell you that it is indeed worth it…given you know how to earn your UK degree at the most affordable way. Several online institutes are offering recognised UK degrees that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Read on to find out more getting UK degree online…..


Why Get A UK Degree?

Universities and colleges in the United Kingdom are renowned worldwide for delivering high quality education and following established academic standards. When you study for an UK degree you will receive top notch education in an advanced learning environment. Moreover, a degree from the UK will assure that global employers recognise and accept your qualification. I know this for a fact that most established businesses look for candidates who have acquired UK degrees as it shows that you are well trained and educated.

Is UK Degree Worth It?

Yes, UK degree is undeniably worth it. But due to the rising tuition fees in almost all colleges and universities many students like you have started to wonder about the value of a UK degree. I agree there is no point in getting a degree if it burdens you with heavy student debt for years to come. But you can also find affordable UK university degrees that will help you to improve yourself academically, professionally and personally. How? Just go for Online UK degrees.


Online Degree- The Most Affordable Option

If you want to pursue an easy-on-the-pocket UK degree, then I would suggest that you check out online business schools. The various renowned online institutes enable you to earn both undergraduate and postgraduate UK degrees and diplomas with ‘pay-as-you-go’ pathways. By effectively using free online learning resources, they allow you to access materials from leading institutions and acquire university-recognised UK degrees.

The best thing about getting UK degree online is that you can earn two thirds of an MBA or undergraduate degree from the institute for just £1,000. You can even choose to pursue university top-up for just £3,000. John Holden, pioneer of Online Business School says “Many universities charge £9,000 a year for a 3 or 4 year undergraduate course. When you add learning materials and transport, a student’s total costs for a university degree are more than £27,000, with MBAs as much as £40,000. But web-based social learning resources are revolutionising higher education – and OBS is doing this in the field of business education.”

He adds “Quite simply – why pay £27,000 for a business degree, when you can secure it for £4,000? And why pay £40,000 for an MBA when you can get one for a tenth of the cost?”

Well, I must say that makes pretty good sense.

Earn A Degree Under £4,000

When you have the option of earning a valued UK degree at under £4,000, there is just no point in pursuing super expensive traditional UK university degrees, unless you want to empty your bank account or get crippled by student debt. The online business schools help you to access MOOCs and other free online resources so that you can not only earn a degree, but also acquire the required skills and knowledge to enhance your employability.


John Holden concludes “OBS’s mission is to increase participation in business higher education. We are using the latest web-based technology to offer lower fees, a huge range of learning resources, and programme flexibility. This sets us apart from other distance learning providers. OBS is the future of business further education.”

So will you pursue an online degree from top online universities? Do you think online education is the most affordable way to earn a UK degree? Let us know what you think by commenting below. We would love to hear what your think.

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