Advocating Women’s Education for the Prosperity of the Nation



A woman is a human being with a mind that seeks enlightenment and a heart that showers unconditional affection on her sons and daughters so that they can build a nation that is ever-rising and self-sufficient. Just as the human body requires the spine, we need women to give birth, teach the first words which become our mother-tongue, become an enigmatic personality in society and coach us to become people with a well-rounded personality. So how will all this take place if a woman is not educated either at home or in a formal environment?

The Ideal Situation

Ideally we should encourage the birth of a girl. We should lead them by the hand through the journey of primary, secondary and higher education. We should inspire them to take up jobs with equal potential and vigour and should give them nutrition and take care of their health so that they can bring forth a new generation.

But sadly, we see that in reality it is not that simple.

Have you seen a poor beggar woman cradling a wailing infant on the streets begging for a few coins that will buy food for her child? Have you seen a single mother struggling with a meagre salary and children at home? Have you heard of female infanticide and numerous deaths of child-bearing women and other such tragedies? These are the problems that do exist in society today.

Plan’s Children in Focus report puts the global economic price of failing to educate girls to the same level as boys at $92bn each year.


Educate Women In Your Locality Today

Take the initiative to educate young girls in your household or anywhere in your locality. This will reduce social malpractices such as forced child marriage, female infanticide and trafficking of children.

Primary education will allow them to gain access to high schools later in life. In the curriculum, they will be familiarized with concepts about the human reproductive system and they will learn about the rights of women when it comes to marriage and child birth. They will be made aware of abortion and the deadly diseases that affect both men and women if they neglect their general health. They will understand the importance of nutrition, vaccination and other measures that are adopted to protect the health of women.

Under the surveillance of the Clinton Global Initiative, Girls CHARGE was launched with the purpose of raising the global ambition for girls’ education. Guided by the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution and Hillary Clinton’s No Ceilings Initiative, these issues will be addressed directly, by raising global ambitions for girls to attend school and complete secondary education, acquiring the skills they need for work and life.

Why You Should Support Higher Education for women

Sending them to colleges or educating them for a vocation is a positive step towards making them productive as human beings. They will be able to earn a living, thus becoming financially self-sufficient and independent.

They will also be able to educate their children about the different vocations that they can take up after they graduate as well. They will be able to guide their children when they receive their education. They will also learn about health and fatal diseases that can be prevented.

Women should thus be viewed as essentially human with values, intellect and emotions of her own. She is no different from a man except in her anatomy. She can instruct, inspire, educate and motivate people in the world to make it a better place to live in.

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