How to Flip and Blend Technology in a Flip Classroom


You are inquisitive and curious. There is a lot of discussion about flipped classrooms. You have been to a classroom in which a teacher would be standing tall and peering down his spectacles with a grim expression on his face. You would feel your limbs trembling at his sight. Your speech would sound slurry.

Your handwriting would be illegible. The homework had to be done or the cane would be waiting for your back the very next day.

Times have changed and so have the perspectives. Now the teachers are well-informed, empathetic and encouraging. The scenario within the classroom has changed drastically. Here’s how.

Meet The Flipped Classroom Face-To-Face

In a flipped or blended learning classroom, a student gets the information before it is time for a new lesson to begin. The teachers are not passive. They engage the students to complete activities on their own under his attentive vigilance. The knowledge that the students have acquired prior to class is applied while the tasks are being done in an interactive mode with their peers.


How Is Your Child Or Student Learning In A Blended Classroom?

Before the class begins, the children are being given modules that have questions which need to be answered by them. The teacher prepares opportunities for them to learn. The students have questions in mind and the teacher knows specifically where the students need help.

The students practice the skills that they need to acquire under the guidance of the teacher who keeps them busy with work and gives them instructions as well.

The teacher posts sources of information for the students to discover. They are trained to ask for assistance and find out on their own which areas need further clarification. Their final work is assessed and they develop a deep understanding of the topic.

What are the tools used by teachers to ensure such learning takes place?

The teacher uses different tools like Edmodo which is like social networking in which teachers can interact with the students, grade their assignments and allows students to interact with each other as well.

Schoology is a tool that is used by teachers so that assessments can be done smoothly.

Screencast-O-Matic helps record and make videos. They can be directly uploaded to youtube. You don’t need to make an account.

Voice thread enables easy upload of audio files. You can also upload images from paint, a scanner or from your webcam. This is very useful for making audio-video assignments. Power-point slides may also be used and uploaded.

Evernote allows students to take quick and efficient notes.

Wikispaces gives students the ability to share their thoughts, reflect on the work of others, and edit a body of work together. It’s a powerful wiki service that is in use around the world.

Celly  is used by many teachers in schools with limited network reliability and availability. It works by letting groups of people (classrooms, student groups, etc.) create a ‘cell’ using the app. A cell is a mobile social network that works with any mobile phone or device. Members can join instantly with one text and exchange group messages, polls, reminders, and web alerts.

Dropbox enables students, teachers, and parents to have access to the same set of information at the same time. It is a free and well known cloud storage service and lets you have a classroom folder that every student can pull and place data in.

These are just a few of the many tools that are implemented in a classroom. The classroom has changed dramatically and there are so many options available for students, teachers and parents.

What is your opinion about tools implemented in a flip class? Leave a response below.

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