A Double Deal- Earn To Learn And Learn To Earn

Source: bit.ly/1yrHEM0

What do you mean by earning while learning?

It’s really very simple. After graduation, you might be wondering about the prospects that are there for you in the job market. There is no need to worry. You can find employment as an apprentice and continue with the post graduate course of your choice.

If you have liabilities and responsibilities such as young children at home and if you need some extra cash, you can just start by doing your job and taking a chance with the online coursework. There are so many factories looking for enthusiastic workers. You can sew, manufacture, fix… it’s your call. Just don’t forget to check online and learn a little more for your dream career.

How will you begin your course online?

You will have no problem beginning your post- graduation. You will be provided with the study materials which are prepared by experts in the field, specifically for those who will not learn at a specific campus. They are designed in accordance with the specifications that are mentioned by OFQUAL or Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, which is the Government body in UK that assures high standards and the excellent quality of higher education in UK. It will be recognized as the materials provided in universities are recognized by the government.

The assignments are recognized by ATHE, or Awards For Training And Higher Education, which is a government recognized examining and awarding body for business and management studies. They are successful partners of leading universities too!

You will get the final assignments only after you have completed the specified number of modules. You will get a recognized qualification right after you have completed your final assignments. This will lead you to completing your postgraduate diploma in management.

What will you have to do online if you want to complete your post graduation?

The ATHE diploma will definitely be your dream come true. You will be given thirty interactive learning modules. Your understanding and ability is going to be enhanced to a strategic level. If you pass all the modules you will be given credits. You will have virtual professors in a virtual classroom.

What kind of opportunities will you get when you look for employment after you get your diploma?

You will get plenty of opportunities in senior management level roles within all sectors after you get your ATHE diploma in management. Just imagine, you are already employed and you will find yourself in an even better job! So why should you wait?

What other added benefits will you get after you complete your course?

If you are really interested, after you complete your ATHE diploma in management you can pursue your MBA.

We recognize several issues that keep crossing our way. Receiving education online can be a major problem for those of you who may not have unlimited access to the internet. You might not be confident around technology. Personally you need to be organized, self-disciplined, self-motivated, responsible and should be able to manage time. But think about all the opportunities you can get if you can overcome these minor hindrances. Take a chance, work and learn online.

What do you think about learning online? Tell us and we’ll get back to you if you leave questions for us to answer.

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