The High Cost- The Sole Problem Of Higher Education


According to Anna Vignoles, professor of education at the University of Cambridge, the higher academic balance is getting eroded as the participation of the students, belonging middle class or rather pauper background, is continuously decreasing. The same impression can be witnessed in the experience of veteran educator Mark Weiss. It is mighty unfortunate that many of the academic experts are overwhelmed by the recent decline in education sector due to the less participation of the middle class or lower middle class students.

 Why Does Education Tumble?

Since its advent, education has undergone a couple of ups & downs & for its aspirants it has never been easy to attain. Though wealth & intellect would accompany not all but some the students, too many others have to face a lot more difficult paths.

From his years of experience in academic genre, Mark Weiss conveyed the fact that, there are many students, who are the first in their families to attain a college degree & doing so they have to go through significant debt. Consequently, students amass anxiety to repay those debts, as economy is not fully equipped to assist them.

The area report says, the average loan debt in Nova Scotia, an umbrella group of seven student unions, is about $20,540 in 2013-14, getting an up of 9.4% from last two years.

 What Do The Facts & Figures Have To Say


A college education plays a crucial role in a student’s life. But unfortunately innumerable motivated students can frequently be seen to be academically unprepared for the rigors of college, not because of the lack of intellect, but due to the discrepancy that the intense academic cost creates. Since 2007 the average college fee has risen up to 94%, which appears too much to undertake for middle class students.


As the average income of an individual, who does not have the access to attain high school degree, is much lesser than the ones, having graduated, the unemployment rate correlates with level of education with the highest rates for the lowest education. The high polarity between the average earning of graduates & non-graduates, which are respectively $41,444 & $23,452 per year, generates the strange correlation of wealth & education in modern times.

 And The Consequence

In his “Inequality for All,” former Secretary of Labor and political commentator Robert Reich manifests that the robust backbone of a society is its middle class genre-

 “A successful economy and democratic society are built on a strong middle class that has the educational and economic opportunities needed to prosper.”

But what is more daunting is that in recent decades this thriving participation of middle class students have noticeably fallen down for the high educational cost, that they are unable to carry most of the times. Hence the socio- economic backdrop of the society gets weakened.

So What’s There To Extricate

Real improvement to the affordability of higher education needs to begin as soon as possible. For hundreds of years, the traditional method of higher education has been all about chalk-&-talk & one teacher lecturing a class of 40 pupils for 40 particular minutes. But with multi-way video, video study groups, and social media integration, the virtual classrooms of today and tomorrow is definitely evolving the education from every prospective.

There has much been said about the potential of Online Courses, where professors can reach millions of students via the Internet. Though the power of that system has yet to be fully embraced by the higher education industry, the mighty touch of online education is not only elevating the standard of education but the professional arena is also accented by tis process of learning.

As modern age competitive work-scenario clamors for your dedication, time & commitment, the demand of high multi-domain managerial competency is only met by distinct training that online learning devices can provide with.

No matter what the nature of the business, having a well-trained and enthusiastic workforce is one of the essential keys that all the employers look for. Today many eminent enterprises are encouraging their employees & stuff to take Online Business diploma courses to further not only their knowledge, but also the skill base to get one step ahead towards professional proficiency.

A proficient diploma in business online will render to you the opportunity to diminish the extra expenses of travel, meals & sometimes residence, equipping you with the real training that will be appreciated when you step into real professional world.

 What To Conclude

It is a proven fact that, when student debt escalates more than 8 percent of available income, financial stress will dramatically veer and may turn the dream degree into a nightmare. So think wisely & take the most important decision of your life, judging all the possibilities that you can embrace.

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