Top Five Tumblr Tips For Teachers


Tumblr is a web based social media platform that was designed to make it easier for people to share digital media with each other. Usually, in a classroom situation, it is used to share content or reading material on a large scale without wasting precious time. You can make separate sections for the syllabus, assignments and other handouts. The content can be accessed from any web browser and topics can be shared and distributed with great ease.

Can you provide genuine content using Tumblr?

Content credibility can be ensured since the teacher can instruct and point out to her students that certain facts that are posted on the internet may not always be true. A teacher’s documents and information will be authentic.

How can Tumblr be used by teachers?

It is very convenient. You can direct all of your students to a single web page where you can post relevant content that they may need that day. You can give your students access to pie-diagrams, charts, tables, reports, statistical data, maps or any kind of information that you can possibly think of. You just need to give them the address and you are all set for a day of fun and learning.

How can your students interact with you on Tumblr?

You can write a question or provide a topic on the website and ask them to leave their responses. This is organized and not tedious at all. You can use this as a backup in case you forget a topic or need a few more classes to clarify doubts. The questions will remain in that place and you can just keep adding more information and can invite the young minds to write what they think about.

How can you share information with parents?

Tumblr can be used to share information with parents and you can make them aware about matters that are authentic and the ones that are not. It is very convenient to share information with parents and students at the same time. You can share notes, pictures and can show them videos of relevant topics.

How can students be challenged using Tumblr?

You can invite your students to post their work on the websites. They can be as creative as you want them to be. You can easily post pictures, quotations and videos and can make them compose original reviews and articles based on what they see.

These are several added benefits which will make your teaching experience so much easier. You’ll enjoy learning as well. You will get a glimpse of how children think and you can help them respond to their inner calling.

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