Modern Employers Seek Something More Than Degrees


We have come to an era where doing a job is no longer an option. Having a mighty professional career has now become an evitable need for almost everyone, due to the evolved economic and academic scenario. Earlier employers looked for higher degrees and aptitudes in respective subject in an employee. But today the picture has been transformed into something, where the heads of a company search for something else other than academic degrees, when they sit to recruit.

The Extra Expertises That Are Making way

Today the number of the employers, who look for a first-class degree in the applicants for a job, has reduced to a very few. A relevant study shows the figure of 80% as the fallen by number of vacancies, that want a top academic degree. Modern employers are now widening their approach to recruitment and the aspects like communication, technological skills & leadership quality are getting to prominence beside the academic qualifications.

Skills Beyond Qualifications


Most of the aspirants go through this confusion that what exactly the present-day employers are looking for. Various practical examples show that, it is having the right skills and qualities to contribute to the organization’s success. One’s education is fairly important to get him/her an appropriate job, but that is not all. To be fully eligible for the specific job and to be good at that, he/she will need to exhibit the “employability skills”. It’s a combination of dedication, time & commitment, both verbal & written communicative ability and a high multi-domain managerial competency that assist one to elevate at the level of the business world, worthy to be appreciated.

Critical Thinking- An Ability to be Applaused

Thinking critically and with a stable temper is one of the key skills that the recruiters are keen to have in their employees. Collecting informations, evaluating that information and making the right solution out of them when a crisis hits are the beneficial abilities that a competent stuff should possess.

Influencing Others Towards the achievement

Leadership is that crucial quality that has deep impact in achieving a goal together. The employees of eminent business houses search for a strong self confidence & team spirit in their employees, allowing them to execute the best result for the organization & for other employees as well.

The latest QS recruitment survey (2010) enlists the most important skills sought by executive level recruiters as communication skill, critical thinking and leadership ability. Developing these prowesses can therefore help to find a senior position.(Source:

The Breakthrough Pathway In Your Study Programme

The research, by jobs search engine, shows that graduates are likely to earn £15,000 a year more than non-graduates. Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, mentioned that, “as employers increasingly open up top jobs to candidates with the right attitude regardless of their final degree classification.”


According to the experts, the practical skills & experience are all that matter to survive in the hard core scenario of professional world. Hence only academic qualification is not adequate, the practical implementation is also required, which one can gain embracing modern technology oriented education.

The Online undergraduate diploma in Business Administration is a facility that provides with the most needed competitive edge that appropriately goes with the busy schedule of working professionals, catering to the modern business scenario. This undergraduate diploma programme online enhance the key managerial skills, covering a vast domain – interpersonal, communication, operations, production, sales and marketing. The facilities one can get undergoing online undergraduate diploma in business administration are-

  • Online courses endow the future business professionals with the skills to make right decision at the right time and proceed with it in the right way.
  • Turning a problem into an advantage with creativity is another key skill that is explored through Online undergraduate diploma program.

To Conclude

Although an entry to the professional world necessitates a juxtaposition of practical abilities & a degree of graduation, prospects for non-graduates are not all bleak. As an example, the individuals, entering the mining construction job without a degree earn £69,578 on average, which is pretty more than the starting salary for virtually every graduate vacancy.

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