Does Higher Education Increases Your Chances Of Divorce?

Source: you a woman with a higher education degree? Then I have some good news for you! A new study reveals that women who are more educated than their husbands are not at any higher risk of getting divorced, contrary to traditional beliefs.

Is Your Degree A Ticket To Divorce?

Sociologists have believed for decades that if your level of educational achievement was higher than that of your husband’s, then your chances of getting divorced was more than average. But the new study titled “The Reversal of the Gender Gap in Education and Trends in Martial Dissolution” which re-evaluates heterosexual marriages in the U.S. from 1950 to 2009, says it is not the case anymore.

Co-author Christine Schwartz of University of Wisconsin-Madison, said, “There has been a lot of fear out there about women’s success and chances of getting and staying married. It appears, at least among the recent marriage cohorts, having more education than one’s husband seems to no longer be associated with divorce, and, in fact, sharing equal levels of schooling – those couples are less likely to be divorced than those with a husband who has more education.”

Degrees Make You Committed

Nowadays more and more women around the world, especially in America, are pursuing higher education programmes for building their careers. Moreover with the advent of online education, many married women and housewives are acquiring accredited degrees by getting themselves enrolled into a recognised online school. The research shows that if you have a M.A. or a business degree, then you are more likely to hold on to your title of Mrs.

Source: who pursue higher education tend to have the commitment and determination to continue their marriages even after the honeymoon period, believe experts. William V. D’Antonio, who is a sociologist at the Catholic University of America said, “The higher the educational and occupational level, the higher the income, and the less likely you are to divorce. Kids who drop out of high school and get married very quickly suffer from the strains of not being emotionally mature and not having the income to help weather the difficulties of marriage.”(Source:

Shifting Marriage Trends

The study, published in the American Sociological Review, reiterates that although marriage between couples with equal educational levels is more common, marriages where wives are more educated are getting popular. Almost 30 per cent of marriages during the early 2000s had women getting married to less educated husbands.

This is a turnaround from marriages between 1950s-1970s, where most of such marriages ended up in divorce. The researchers claim that this trend was primarily driven by men’s fear of their wives’ success. However, the trend started to shift from the early 1990s and such marriages had equal chances of ending in divorce like any other type. Studies show that from 2005 to 2009, almost 60 per cent of marriages consisted of a wife who is more educated than her husband; whereas it was only 35 per cent in the 1950s.

It was also found that couples with equal educational level had the least chances of getting divorced. According to data the US Department of Education, the educational gender gap began to change during the 1970s. By the year 2010, 63 per cent of Master’s degrees and 57 per cent of bachelor’s degrees were awarded to women students.


Christine R. Schwartz, who conducted the study with Hongyun Han of Northwestern University, added, “We also found that couples in which both individuals have equal levels of education are now less likely to divorce than those in which husbands have more education than their wives.”(Source:

Educated People Are Better Couples

I believe the study support practical logic. Let’s face it; if you are a couple with higher education level, you and your husband will be better off, not only financially but in every other aspect. Educated individuals will properly assess the benefits and difficulties of marriage and then take an informed decision about getting married. Thus they will be mentally more prepared to face marital challenges.

Moreover, a higher level of education translates into better understanding, honesty, respect and love between couples. If you and your husband are on an equal educational level, then each of you can provide moral, financial and professional support to the other to achieve each other’s ambitions and goals. If you are a housewife and want to pursue a career in business, then your husband can help you in getting higher education through online B school and start your own venture.

It also helps couple to take various other decisions related to their family and future planning. Thus your training and education from college will result in a smoother marriage and reduce the possibility of divorce. Schwartz concluded “Overall, our results speak against fears that women’s growing educational advantage over men has had negative effects on marital stability.”

What Do You Think?

Do you think that higher education can lead to higher probability of divorce? Or do you believe that your education can help you to make your marriage better? We would love to hear your views, opinions and experiences. Feel free to comment below….

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