4 Simple Steps To Introduce Gamification In Your Classroom

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Nowadays teachers are expected to shape their teaching techniques to provide a better learning experience to the students. It is not enough that our students to learn about the material, but they also need to develop a strong sense of confidence about their knowledge and skills. Learning needs to be improved in such a way that it would motivate our students expand their knowledge.

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So how can you do this? Truth is that it is easier said than done. But if educators and teachers become more creative and find out new modes of teaching which can motivate the learners, then we can move one step closer to that goal. One such educational method that is increasingly gaining more popularity is Gamification of education. By using different games and activities in the classrooms various schools and teachers have already achieved the desired learning outcomes.

How Can You Use Gamification In The Classroom?

Gamification has already been used in numerous classrooms worldwide with positive results. If you are interested in launching Gamification in your classroom, then we have some excellent ideas that will make the process simple yet effective by making education more engaging.

Integrating Video Games In to Curriculum

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Incorporating educational video games in to the curriculum is another great way as it enables students to cope with failure, overcome disappointment and persevere. Games provide a feel of agency to the learners as they get the opportunity to control their decisions and choices. Most students perform better with an enhanced sense of agency. You can also use some external motivators like immediate feedback and rewards.

Gamification of Grading

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Professor Lee Sheldon of Indiana University introduced Gamification in his classroom and modified the grading system. Instead of going the traditional way, he followed the “experience points” grading system. Thus the students’ papers are graded according to the points they have gathered throughout the course, which is directly based on their accomplishments. Professor Sheldon believes the new system proved effective because the “the elements of the class are couched in terms they understand.”

Creating Competition

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You can also choose to create some competition by adding a tournament module in your game-based learning methods in the classroom. Educators have discovered that tournaments tend to motivate students to improve their learning skills and practice more as well. This is obvious because every student would want to become the champion of the game.

Teaching assistant Celine Petsche of the School of Business and Economics (Wilfrid Laurier University) utilises the tournament module of Top Hat to make learning more engaging for the students. This resulted in increased morale by invoking a sense of competition in the learners. Thus every student became more excited to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding.

Awarding Badges To Students

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Although it may seem like going back to Kindergarten, but awarding badges to your students for completion of assignments is also a great way. This method has proved successful for the highly popular Khan Academy. You can bestow badges and points to the students to track their progress as well as to encourage them. The Western Oklahoma State College has also implemented this type of Gamification effectively. But it is essential that you attach real value with the badges.

These simple ideas will help you to introduce Gamification in your classroom and help to improve the performance of your students. Although some educators are apprehensive about the use of games in learning, you simply cannot deny that it offers both teachers and students an innovative and novel way to create a better learning experience.

What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts about Gamification of education? Do you think it will help students in learning or will it prove to be a futile attempt? Will you use Gamification in your classroom? We want to hear what you think. Share your opinions, questions and reservations below in the comments section.

Article Source: bit.ly/1aJkmQ2,  bit.ly/1rD24LE

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