Is Pursuing A Masters Degree In Cyber Security A Good Idea?

Do you want to learn about cyber security? Are you interested in becoming a cyber security professional and work for the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), or a non-government or private organisation? If yes, then a postgraduate degree in cyber-security will be the best option for you. It offers you the knowledge and framework to safeguard the cyber assets of your company.

Here’s what you can expect to learn….

A master’s degree programme in this discipline will enable you to learn about the relevant and important methods of cyber security. As a student, you will be able to develop an excellent understanding about cyber security and learn to think from the viewpoint of defensive security and offensive security. You will also gain knowledge about detecting security breaches.

A cyber security degree programme will enable you to understand computer infrastructure, cloud computing technologies and various related legal aspects. Some programmes, like the Royal Holloway, University of London’s MSc in Information Security, also teach you about networks, cryptography, latest technology and what risks you might face. With the help of innovative thinking, you will be able to use your knowledge and skills to advance your career in this field.

Becoming an Information Security Professional…

Professor Keith Marti, Director of the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, says, “People come on to our course because they are in search of a career. They see this as an area where they can get employment. Some may come from a science or engineering background, others from management, economics or mathematics, and we get a lot coming in from the workplace”.

The Cyber Security and Management MSc offered by the University of Warwick is also an excellent programme that provides you an advanced understanding of the field. Professor Tim Watson at the university believes it can also give you a sense for business. He says, “They need to understand how business works. This includes the need to provide a return on investment and to meet deadlines”.

Learning about Counterfeiting and Ethical Hacking…

Several cyber security postgraduate programmes, like the one offered by Warwick university, give you the opportunity to learn about cyber-threat intelligence as well as counterfeiting. The cyber security MSc programme from Lancaster University takes a multidisciplinary approach. Director of Security Research Centre at the university, Professor Awais Rashid, says, “It is a technical issue but it’s not only that. There are interesting criminological and geopolitical aspects, as well as legal perspectives”.

The programme at Lancaster University includes an ethical hacking course as it believes that you can learn to protect your system only if you know the way to break into different systems. Prof Rashid adds, “We teach people how hackers may get into their systems but we also engage in exercises where there are hackers on one side and defenders on the other. We create a live environment where people can learn to protect against attacks”.

You can also opt for courses on forensic investigation which will help you to learn how you should respond in case of a breach of security. The programme at Lancaster offers a forensic investigation course where you will be provided with a computer system that has been compromised and you will need to figure out both the problem and the solution.

In contrast, the cyber security MSc programme from De Montfort University is comparatively more business-oriented as the programme has been designed in partnership with Deloitte. The course is taught by cyber security professionals from Deloitte and also offers you a one-year placement option.

So what are you waiting for?

Whether you are a student or a professional in the middle of your career, a master’s degree in cyber security will teach you to face different cyber-threats effectively. As you will get comprehensive analytical knowledge for identifying and solving cyber security challenges, you will be able to develop your career and secure your future.

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