Is Distance Learning the Future of Education in Indonesia?


Are you thinking about pursuing distance education from Indonesia? Will you be able to access online courses from the remote areas in Indonesia? Read on to find out…

Online distance learning provides quality education with flexibility which enables those people who are unable to pursue traditional classroom education due to their busy lifestyles. As distance learning offers various benefits, increasing number of students and professionals around the world are now pursuing online courses to earn an accredited qualification. The most beneficial aspect of online distance education is the convenience it offers to the learners. You can easily pursue online school programmes from reputed colleges and universities right from your home and fit your schedule.

What is the state of Education in Indonesia?

The educational system in Indonesia suffers from inequality as academic provisions vary from region to region. Most of the leading educational institutes are situated mainly in developed cities like Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta. The students in rural areas and smaller provinces face serious challenges in accessing quality education and thus they are compelled to move towards the cities. But as tuition fees and living expenses are rather high in the cities, education has become unaffordable for most Indonesian students. Here comes the need of online distance education.

What about Online Learning?

Online distance learning in Indonesia has been effectively used at primary, secondary and tertiary education levels as well as to educate adults, women and deprived people in remote areas. Online education has also helped to educate socially disadvantaged populace in the country. Online education has improved the ability of the government to build an easily accessible and affordable education system at various academic levels. It has also increased student participation and improved equity in education.

Are there any Government Policies on Online learning?

Distance education in Indonesia is based on the belief that everyone should be provided the opportunity of pursuing quality education for personal and professional development. Government policies and schemes have significantly influenced the growth of distance online learning system in the region.

Online study has been used as efficient tool to deliver messages of the government regarding education and development of a knowledge-based society. The current political reforms have further supported the online learning practice and helped in increasing the volume of institutions which offer world class online education to Indonesian students. Moreover, due to low tuition fees more and more students are getting interested in attaining a degree by pursuing online programmes.

What is the Present Scenario in Indonesia?

Apart from catering to students in remote areas, online institutes are also focusing on entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to further their career by pursuing higher studies without disrupting their work. Due to the high level of flexibility offered by distance learning courses, professionals are more interested in these programmes as it allows them to continue their full time jobs and also continue their studies at their time and pace. Online degree programmes help them to advance their careers without attending any scheduled classes. You can find a number of professional online courses in any online school that caters to learners in the region.

However, full-time students in Indonesia are still more interested in pursuing education in traditional brick-and-mortar schools. The main reason for this is perhaps that they lack the discipline and self motivation required to pursue online education.

The state of IT (Information technology) infrastructure is also a determining factor for the growth of distance learning. As Indonesia has uneven and irregular infrastructural development, it creates various challenges for the populace to reap the full benefits offered by online school programmes. Unlike the developed cities, most of the rural and remote regions do not have proper IT infrastructure which affects the spread and growth of distance learning in those areas.

What are its Future Prospects?

However, the scenario is changing rapidly. The government has taken several steps to develop the state of IT infrastructure in the country. With the rapid growth of infrastructure and increasing demand, online distance education is proving the best solution for businessmen, professionals, students and people in remote areas to pursue higher studies.

Online distance education plays a key role in developing and increasing the reach of education in Indonesia. The flexibility, convenience and accessibility offered by these programmes have enabled the people to gain essential skills and help develop a knowledge-based society.

As the populace is becoming more aware about the importance of education, benefits of online learning and global competition in job market, increasing number of people in Indonesia are getting encouraged to gain relevant knowledge and skills and improve their employability.

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