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Gmail remains one of the most popular online applications, the application of choice for many. Apart from its obvious personal and business utilities it also has the potential of being an invaluable tool in the hands of eLearning professionals looking for ways to enrich learning experiences. In the paragraphs that follow you will find some ways that can be achieved.

1. Offer live learning events and support via Gmail Chat

With Gmail chat you can also choose to speak directly to resolve their queries. You also can provide one-on-one tutoring sessions for those who may need further help with their studies. Gmail hangouts enable you to host live learning events where learners can directly interact with you

2. Use Gmail Hangouts to Promote Group Collaboration

Gmail video can also be used to promote collaboration with one another between the learners. They can be used complete a task as a group, thus providing them the chance to learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge while imbibing in them the spirit and tenets of teamwork. And best of all its free.

3. Upload and share important paperwork or reference documents

Gmail supplements it’s more than abundant storage with Google Drive which gives you the option of sharing important documents or files. You just upload the file, send a message that you would like to share it and voilà a link to the file is sent with the message, the access to which can be both private and or be a whole group, an ideal choice for group collaboration projects.

4. Use Gmail instant messaging communicate quickly and with convenience

 If you want to be able to achieve more interactivity than a simple email can offer, you can use Gmail instant messaging to quickly communicate with learners and even other eLearning professionals (i.e. content developers or subject matter experts). During the instant messaging session you have the ability to share important website links, and address any questions or concerns. Learners can even conveniently message their peers if they need help with an assignment or want to collaborate on a project, given that Gmail will immediately notify them when a contact is online.

5. Gmail mobile facilitates anywhere anytime support

By downloading Gmail apps for your mobile or tablet you can not only send and receive emails on the go which translates into anytime anywhere support, you also have the facility of working offline. Thus even if without an internet connection for the moment you can still write an email and then just send it when you reach a WIFI hotspot.

As can be seen Gmail makes it easier than ever before for eLearning professionals to make a more interactive and collaborative learning environment quickly and effectively while making life a whole lot simpler for learners by giving them the power to access a world of resources, information, and peer experience. This is just some of the ways Gmail can be used as a vital tool in eLearning. It is certain there are others also. Just let imagination, intelligence and application be your guide.

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