Top 5 Degrees Offering Graduates a Handsome Salary Package


A lot of things pass through mind when you decide to apply for a top-tier university. Taking into account the high tuition fees, potential starting salary is a point worth considering. While no one can guarantee you of a high starting salary, your own research work can pay you off. Here is a list of top 5 degrees by starting salary that you would like to consider at the time of applying for a course.


A degree in construction – If you are looking forward to enrol for a degree in construction, there are a number of courses for you to choose from and routes to be taken. Your previous qualifications or current career may have limited your learning ability but when it is about construction degrees, you can easily focus on your education and tailor your learning ability to ensure a lucrative career ahead. You would feel delighted to know that average graduate starting salary for construction degree holders is £21,840. The building construction sector is huge with scopes in civil and structural engineering, surveying and building services.


Computer science – A degree in computer science is aimed to deal withtheoretical base of information and computation, and takes a practical and scientific approach to computation and its applications. With coding and other computer applications set to be introduced into most universities’ curriculum, a degree in computer science has become much sought after. Universities around the world are seeing a massive increase in the computer science enrolment. One of the key factors for such huge responses for enrolment in this subject is the graduates’ average starting salary, which stands at £21,840.


Social work – Social workers help people in a number of different ways. A degree in this field may provide students an opportunity to become counsellors, researchers, group therapists, or administrators. Interested students would generally get at least a bachelor’s degree in social work or a related social science; however counsellors are required to obtain a master’s degree. Salary varies according to title and educational background, though the average starting salary for graduates remains at £22,360. Some experts believe that this sector will see a job growth of 22% by 2016.


Finance – A degree in finance or a related area of study prepares you to undertake different roles in the high-powered finance sector. Degree holders are rewarded with skills to transform career tracks in different sectors like banking, accounting and tax preparation. Graduates with bachelor’s degree in finance are qualified for lucrative career options in private, public and non-profit organisations. An MBA degree with focus on finance, or a master’s degree in finance offers students a competitive edge in the job sector. With £22,360 average graduate starting salary, a degree in finance is one of the most sough-afters today.


Economics – If you keenly follow national and international news or take interest in business and finance sectors, it might be sensible to look into economics degrees. Although economics, to people at first glance, may seem to be all about money, it is basically a people-specific subject. This is a widely diverse subject with undergraduate degrees in economics available both as a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts. With average graduate starting salary of £26,000, a number of economics graduates go on making a career in business, finance, marketing and accountancy professions.

So, if you are looking forward to enrol in universities this academic session, mull over these popular degree courses.


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