Huge Job Vacancies for MBA Graduates with Technical Knowledge at Consulting Companies

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More and more consulting companies now prefer MBA graduates with professional skills for filling up the job vacancies, says Mark Davies, Corporate Relations Manager with London’s Imperial College Business School.

Davies says, “The consulting companies range from top strategy houses, through full service firms and the Big Four, right down to boutiques. Clients are demanding functional or sector experts who can add real value in addition to the generic consulting skills and frameworks,”

“People with deep exposure to industries such as pharma and oil and gas are in more demand than ever. MBA graduates can combine this sector knowledge with the understanding of how business works and consulting tools which an MBA brings, giving them an advantage in the job market,” adds Davies.

He claims, “The appeal of starting your career in consulting after the MBA is that you apply your new knowledge immediately and can make a career change more quickly than in other industries.”

A 2013 Imperial MBA graduate, Carlos Vitoria, says, “The program’s so diverse – in terms of gender, age, nationalities, religions, political signs, first degrees and working experience – it’s difficult to identify a group that you could call ‘the core’.

“We had a number of classmates that did not come from finance or consulting industries – from a university lecturer to several entrepreneurs, an architect, a couple of lawyers, a few people with strong technical IT background, a mechanical engineer coming straight from an oil rig, and so on.”

An MBA to accomplish career ambition

Carlos sees his father-in-law as his greatest source of inspiration. He described than man as a sharp, self-made man who was a very success entrepreneur with humble origins.

Carlos always wanted to follow in his footsteps and go for a career with strong focus on managerial and strategic skills but found something amiss in his education that was hindering his career potentials.

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He says, “I had gaps that might have prevented me achieving my career potential and objectives. That is when I decided to do an MBA. I see the MBA as an enabler to progress my career further and faster,”

He adds, “I wanted an MBA in a major English-speaking country and I’d heard of Imperial College from several colleagues at work. They all remarked on the excellent quality of teaching, students, facilities and the amazing location,”

MBA advice

Carlos says that he was given exposure to complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity by MBA course he studies at Imperial. He claims, “Very few questions during the MBA had one unique answer. There was a joke in the MBA, that you can answer all the questions during the year with just two words: ‘It depends’.”

Carlos gives importance to one sentence from his MBA more weight than any other: ’At the end of the day, it is all about people.’

MBA graduates for consulting companies’ job vacancies

Consulting companies’ job vacancies are on the up side of scale. Carlos says, “They are covering more and more industries, meaning that people with ‘industry experience’ plus business and management acumen such as MBA graduates are in demand to fill job vacancies.”

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Most MBA graduates describe their MBA experience as absolutely amazing. The course is hard and intense but it is worth the time and penny if enrolled for a good program in a good business school. Most MBA graduates from renowned schools are employed within a short period of time and are able to get more or less double what they used to get earlier.

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