Online MBA Degree Holders to Witness a Steady Rise in their Pay Packages

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Gone are those days when the concept of studying online for higher studies was considered to be inferior in comparison to that done at campuses. Now, the story is altogether different because the Financial Times while ranking online MBAs have made it very clear right on this year’s commencement that online MBA offers a plausible alternative to traditional MBA.

The rankings made by the Financial Times were based on a couple of surveys that were conducted to assess various MBA courses. This was declared based on three factors:

  • Career progression of the alumni association of The Financial Times
  • The diversity of students
  • Online delivery of courses
  • Interaction level between students and their tutors

In fact, the value of MBA courses online was reinforced based on the following set of findings that included:

  • Success rates of their alumni
  • A huge number of respondents was able to achieve their goals
  • Plenty of them was successful in enhancing their management skills
  • A steady increase in promotions or earnings was witnessed

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What the majority of students and working professionals now opine about earning MBA degrees online is that they can attend the most renowned universities right from their homes. Moreover, students pursuing online MBA courses get exposed to more and more networking opportunities through their alumni network. Besides, what is now making students access MBA courses online is the increasing range of salaries that is reaching up to six figures.

BLS reports on pay structures

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that individuals working as IT managers earn more than $115,000 while Financial Analysts earn over $74,000. Moreover, predictions say that job prospects for accountants would turn out to be favourable, especially for Certified Public Accountants. In fact, the growth would be much faster than the average employment growth for these professionals by 2018.

As far as the Financial Analysts are concerned, they are considered to be the most wanted professionals in big organisations. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has also reported that the job growth for financial analysts would also faster than average. Where the median salary of financial analysts was $73,150 in 2008, it has been predicted to increase by another 20% by 2018. Online MBA degree holders in Human Resources and Health Care Management can also expect to witness a steady rise in their pay packages.

Now, when it comes to alluring potential employers with a distance MBA degree online, what is important is ensuring that the business school from where the degree is attained is accredited. Once it is assured, there will be no fears whether online MBA degrees would pay off well or not.

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