Technology Reshapes Education as per the Need of the Hour


Within the last few years, education has witnessed a thorough change in respect of its standard, assessment process and career-orientation. Colleges are now very eager to find better ways to meet the need of and encourage all students towards their achievements.

A major challenge that education is facing today is the rapid increase of student population, especially those belong to economically disadvantaged section. Naturally, addressing this growing number of students is becoming a problem for educational institutions. And, to deal with it most of the institutions have taken the help of technological measures.

Digital technology employed in the educational methods has been recognised for manifold advantages associated with it. But, it has never actually been acknowledged for arranging classroom sessions for huge number of students against very low cost. Now, cost-friendliness is also acknowledged with it.

How Schools are Taking up Technological Aids



Like many schools, the Sheboygan Area School District initiated their plan for utilising digital technology in the learning process as a part of their Strategic Long Range Plan. Whilst saying about this initiative, Superintendent Joseph Sheehan said, “This is our students’ future. Engagement is a critical piece of student learning. Our students deserve the best learning experience available and this is an important piece of the experience.”

As the part of their curriculum, these education providers already provided iPad to each of their students in grades K-12. And, in the 2014-15 academic year, they are planning to hand over a Chromebook to every high school student. This sort of measures will help schools to engage their students in the process of extended learning even when they are outside of schools.

Benefits of the Latest Digital Devices in Learning

Another very profitable aspect of taking this sort of technological measures into learning process will help instructors to arrange more enriched education for their students. Over the next few years, more and more iPads and Chromebooks will be distributed in their elementary schools. With these devices the teachers will be able to organise sessions of learning with the collaboration of international classrooms. Students will be able to enjoy virtual field trips as well as lectures of the internationally eminent personalities like authors, scientists through video conferencing method.


Employment of such digital devices like iPads, Chromebooks etc in education will also bring out 21st century skills like critical thinking, creativity and communication, which will definitely transform the learners as more profession-efficient candidates. So, securing a good career will not be any problem for these 21st century learners equipped with more skill-enhancing education and exposure to the global arena.

Team work and collaborative efforts is now truly easy to execute in the learning process through cloud-based applications like Google Apps etc. Teachers will always be able to have their eyes on the students’ activities and their developments. In a way, with digital technology many schools and colleges like this are coming up for providing learning and teaching as the methods of the future where education is much more creative, spontaneous, and at the same time cost-effective.

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