How Mobile Devices are Shaping the Education for New Generation Learners


Education is totally a different affair for the new generation students, the young ones. They are the inhabitants of a learning environment that is ruled by the information superhighway. From the very beginning of their learning process they get the latest technology at their disposal, and shape their learning as per their own fashion of creativity.

The older generation gets quite surprised to see such vast use of the technological tools for learning, which in their time was beyond imagination. So, sometimes these people, who are the parents of these new age learners get confused with the system of so-called ultra-modern learning. They doubt whether this sort of exposure to modern gadgets and their applications are truly beneficial for their offspring, or this sort of techniques are going to spoil their children.

Youngsters are Essentially Fond of Learning with Gadgets


 This new generation learners are essentially early adopters. They are so comfortable in handling smartphones that their parents are not even tackling their ordinary mobile phones. So are they in adopting their learning process with the involvement of latest technological employment. Handling tablets or laptops seems too easy a kind of task for them. 17% of schools around the world make extensive use of tablets or other devices for regular classroom activities. 90% of parents look on it very positively, viewing it as truly effective to make learning a process of fun. 76% of parents consider that tablets are very helpful to generate curiosity among these learners.

There are Also Cynical Attitude from Parents

But, whilst 71% of parents believe that mobile devices are just irreplaceable for exploiting the latest learning opportunities for their children, 43% are still trying to find the best applications of these new technologies and gadgets. 62%, however, are still cynical about the effect of these technological tools for their children, as they anticipate agents of distractions in the learning process with these gadgets.  Perhaps, because of this factor of distraction only 52% say that schools use these mobile devices to the best of the learners’ advantage.



These young people are also being exposed to mobile devices from early phase of their life. The case is such that over half of the kids between 5 and 8 years old use tablets, smartphones, or other touch-screen devices.  They are getting quite accustomed with these devices from the early phase of their life, and so, for them learning with such mobile devices is not a problem, at all. Rather, these people find very easy to cope with the learning environment administered with the technological expertise and modern devices.

Of course, there is difference in opinion. Only 57% of families report that tablets and similar kind of devices are used solely for learning purpose. Majority of families report that their children prefer to use their tablets more for playing games and other source of entertainment.

Whatever it is, there is no doubt that the latest mobile devices can be of enormous advantage for learning as well as teaching. With the right set of grooming initiated by parents as well as teachers, these marvels of technology can produce unprecedented outcome in educating these new generation learners.

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